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Brendan Cook & Jimmy Chunga – Art Bell – October 7 2013

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Published on 8 Oct 2013

Ghost Investigator Society


Yalman Onaran & John Hogue – Art Bell – October 8 2013 – Dark Matter

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Published on 9 Oct 2013

First Hour:
Yalman Onaran – What Happens if the US Defaults?

John Hogue – Prophecies for 2013 / 2014


Dr. Andrew Karam – Art Bell – October 9 2013 – Dark Matter

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Published on 10 Oct 2013

Dr. Karam discussed the Fukushima reactor accident, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility, and more


Open Lines – Art Bell – October 10 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-10-13

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Published on 11 Oct 2013

Open Lines – Art Bell – October 10 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-10-13


Loyd Auerbach – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 14 2013 – 10-14-13

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Published on 15 Oct 2013

Guest: Loyd Auerback
Topics: Parapsychology, paranormal TV shows, and investigations.

LOYD AUERBACH, M.S. (Parapsychology), Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, has been in the field for over 30 years focusing on education and field investigation. The author of 8 books, he is a professor at Atlantic University and JFK University, and teaches Parapsychology at HCH Institute in California. President of the Forever Family Foundation, he is also on the Board of the Rhine Research Center and the advisory board of the Windbridge Institute. His media appearances on TV, radio and in print number in the thousands, including ESPN’s SportsCenter, ABC’s The View, Oprah, and Larry King Live. He is a professional mentalist/psychic entertainer, a public speaking coach, and a professional chocolatier.


Jim Sparks – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 15 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-15-13

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Published on 16 Oct 2013

Jim Sparks Discusses his alien encounters, time travel and UFO sightings.

Jim Sparks a professional in the human abduction scenario, lecturer and Author of the most popular book “The Keepers” was raised in South Florida and educated in business. Jim’s abductions began in 1988. At the time he was living in Houston and working as a successful land developer. Initially an unwilling abductee, his experiences transformed once he was able to put aside rage and overcome fear. Jim began to understand he was encountering highly intelligent advanced beings from other worlds.
Jim had been completely conscious of his face to face experiences, giving him clear memories and gaining amazing insight. In the last two decades that he had been dealing with the ETs, he has witnessed amazing sciences. He now knows there is a plan to elevate ourselves to better understand what these beings are about so we may evolve.
Today he realizes he is not alone. Many others have gone through similar experiences. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, he differs from most abductees in that he has total recall of his experiences with these beings from other regions and dimensions of space and time. His goal is to explain the agenda of these beings and the message they bring to humanity.


Tobias McGriff / James Fox – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 16 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-16-13

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Published on 17 Oct 2013

Re-upload (Better Audio)

Tobias Bio: 

Tobias studied history at Oxford University and is an historian of all things strange. He is the Founder of Blue Orb Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia and an author and film maker in the UFO and Paranormal genre.

Tobias is currently filming “Modern Hauntings”, which documents eyewitness accounts and evidence of modern supernatural encounters in America’s most haunted cities and “Lights over Leary”, which features the never before told story of the rash of UFO sightings in Southern Georgia during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s that resulted in a covert Pentagon investigation. “Lights over Leary” also highlights President Carter’s UFO sighting in Leary, Georgia and the first interview ever granted by fellow eyewitness Fred Hart who shares new and controversial information about the event.

Apart from his own projects he is currently a Producer on the upcoming full theatrical release film “701”, that explores the unsolved cases from Project Blue Book and features the writing talent of Tracy Torme (Star Trek) and UFO filmmaker James Fox (Out of the Blue, I Know What I Saw).

James Fox Bio:

James was born in England and raised in New York and California. He began his journalism career early in life as an assistant to father/writer Charles Fox, a quadriplegic with Multiple Sclerosis. Together they traveled on many magazine assignments from Rolling Stone, Car & Driver to Sports Illustrated. James finished and sold his first documentary to Discovery by the time he was 28. He has since completed 5 films for the likes of Sci-Fi and History Channel and has made frequent appearances on the Larry King Show, Night Line, Dateline, Anderson Cooper and others. His latest film on UFOs, I Know What I Saw, is being distributed by A&E and Content Films International.


Ghost Buster Gals – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 17 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-17-13

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Published on 18 Oct 2013

Ghost Buster Gals – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 17 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-17-13

The Gals clear up misperceptions about Demons and Spirits and Ghosts…Oh My! As real live Ghost Busters they have many intriguing stories about real dead people. Some of them can be found in their latest book, Got Ghosts??? The Bizarre But True Tales of The Ghost Buster Gals.

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Dr. Roger Leir – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 21 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-21-13

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Published on 22 Oct 2013

Dr. Leir will discuss the Turkish UFO videos among other topics

Dr. Roger K. Leir, author of the “Aliens and the Scalpel-First and Second Edition”, “UFO Crash in Brazil”, “Casebook Alien Implants”, “Chopped Liver” and three other books published outside the United States, has been said to be one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed sixteen surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of seventeen separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. Dr. Leir continues to investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called “A & S Research Inc.”


Charles Faddis – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 23 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-23-13

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Published on 24 Oct 2013

Charles discusses Biological Terrorism in the US.

Charles S. Faddis, President of Orion Strategic Services, LLC is a former CIA operations officer with twenty years of experience in the conduct of intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe. He has worked against the most dangerous terrorist organizations on the planet and has extensive firsthand experience with their methodology and tactics. His last assignment prior to retirement in May of 2008 was as head of the CIA’s terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction unit. He took the first CIA team into Iraq in the Summer of 2002 in advance of the invasion of that country and has worked extensively in the field with law enforcement, local security forces and special operations teams. Since retirement, he has written extensively and provided training to a wide variety of government and private entities.


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Anthony Sanchez – Truth Connections Radio – 27th June 2012

Published on Jul 2, 2012 by 

With over 20 years of dedicated research into the UFO phenomenon and related topics, Anthony Sanchez has become quite the expert researcher. Using an array of scientific methods, hands-on approaches, and first hand witness testimony, Anthony has been able to provide in-depth and thoroughly detailed accounts of factual information, and circumstances of actual events. Anthony is the first Investigative Reseracher ever to find U.S. Government property atop the Archuleta Mesa (Dulce, New Mexico) on what is sovereign land belonging to the Jicarilla Apache Nation — not the Government or Military.

Originally interested in UFO investigation in 1989 — at the time Area 51 surfaced as a public phenomenon — Anthony has since expanded his research into other areas. He speaks often about our genetic engineering, his Human Origins hypothesis, through which he created a “Lineal-Traditional Linkage Model” — the alien/human hybrid theory (reality?) of how we evolved. By studying many ancient Hebrew religious texts in detail, including gospels from the Dead Sea Scrolls, such as the Book of Giants and the Book of Enoch; as well as Sumerian-Babylonian translations; Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals; and Akkadian cuniform inscriptions, Anthony has a huge knowledge-base that he uses to compare and merge theories for increasing accuracy. Anthony’s summation of our human origins is incredibly detailed, and even includes a lineage chart.

Anthony’s book, UFO Highway, available on his website ( is dubbed, “The most important book in Ufology in the last 20 years.” It contains information and testimony gathered from sources including Colonel X (name witheld), a retired USAF Colonel, who goes into detail about the underground Dulce facility, the many levels it contains, and the breeding and experimentation that goes on there. Colonel X was assigned to Dulce as part of a special Medical Detachment where he learned the history and circumstances surrounding the harrowing 1940 Dulce Discovery event and the classified 1979 incident.

In the 2 information packed hours we have with Anthony, we’ll be traveling back to our human origins, discussing his transformation hypothesis, as well as Dulce’s underground facility at New Mexico, including the Dulce War, MILABs, and other areas of alarm, such as HAARP and Project Blue Beam; the Alien Agenda, Annunaki, Greys, and other off-planet species; and so much more.



Steve Quayle 666 Kill Switch Mark of the Beast Technology Control Grid


Published on Jul 6, 2012 by 

Futurist’s Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles examine the sinister applications of the latest high tech control grid developments that could be used to enslave the population under a Technological Tyranny of Biblical Proportions. This TRU News interview was recorded on July 3, 2012 and the message that Steve felt in his Spirit as he prayed before this recording was: “TELL MY PEOPLE, I’VE HAD ENOUGH”

Meaning that apparently the Creator of the Universe is PEACE’d off at the wickedness of the citizens of Planet Earth!

Are you Spiritually Prepared fore Da End Zone Days?


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Main Show – Flashpoints, End Times & Giants Discussed !!


Published on Jul 24, 2012 by 

Main Show – Flashpoints, End Times & Giants Discussed !!


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Aliens & the Antichrist

Published on Jul 24, 2012 by 

Appearing during the middle two hours, author John Milor discussed his biblical research into aliens and the Antichrist. UFOs were mentioned in the Bible— described as flying chariots with horses on fire, he said. According to his reading of the Bible, references to angels are synonymous with aliens, and they are physical rather spiritual beings. Lucifer‘s “trump card” is his biological child– a person (probably already born) who will turn out to be the Antichrist, he detailed.

The Antichrist will likely come from Syria or Lebanon, and people will initially believe he’s a man of peace; he’ll be linked to UFOs that will show up and seem friendly, said Milor. Aliens or fallen angels exist in a “first heaven,” a dimension above us, and at some point in the future, he continued, they will be able to cross through via a “dimensional rift” and create havoc.



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2MIN News July 23, 2012


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Spaceweather: [Look on the left at the X-ray Flux and Solar Wind Speed/Density]

HAARP [Click online data, and have a little fun]

SDO: [Place to find Solar Images and Videos – as seen from earth]

SOHO: [SOHO; Lasco and EIT – as seen from earth]

Stereo: [Stereo; Cor, EUVI, HI – as seen from the side]

SunAEON: [Just click it… trust me]

SOLARIMG: [All purpose data viewing site]

iSWA: [Free Application; for advanced sun watchers]


NOAA Bouys:

RSOE: [That cool alert map I use]

JAPAN Radiation Map:


Gamma Ray Bursts [Really? You can’t figure out what this one is for?]

BARTOL Cosmic Rays: [Top left box, look for BIG blue circles]

TORCON: [Tornado Forecast for the day]

GOES Weather: [Clouds over America]

INTELLICAST: [Weather site used by many youtubers]

NASA News:


Always Check the Foreign News Sources as well!!!
Iran: Mehr News, TehranTimes
China: Xinhua,, Chinadaily
Asia Times dot Com
Russia: Ria Novosti
Israel: Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, Haaretz
M/E: ArabNews, AlJazeera


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David Ellis Comments:

This is truly the longest YT link I have ever published on my sight. I have listened to 2hrs so far, and from what I have listened to I do recommend it – space it over a period of  a couple of weeks, but do listen, it is well worth it. Part 2 to follow shortly…

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Thursday January 1, 2009

Guest: Michael W. White

Topic: Author of the book “The 666’s Are In The Seed”, Alabama farmer Michael White tells of his long personal battle with Monsanto

Huntsville Times article

Order the book at

Tuesday January 20, 2009

Guest: Joe Loya

Topic: Joe Loya, Father-in-law of Border Agent Ignacio Ramos, shares interesting details of the case that sent his son-in-law and Agent Jose Campeon to prison for two years. After much debate, President Bush finally commuted the two men’s sentences on his last day in office yesterday

Thursday January 22, 2009

Guest: Vince Spera

Topic: A survivor of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, passenger Vince Spera shares the details of the accident a week ago now known as ‘ The Miracle on the Hudson’

Monday February 09, 2009

Guest: Ambassador Alan Keyes

Topic: As a seasoned statesman, genuine conservative, and pro-life champion, Ambassador Alan Keyes joins Trunews today and speaks to a number of important issues and topics that matter most to Christian Americans

Friday February 20, 2009

Guest: Congressman Ron Paul– TX

Topic: Congressman Ron Paul discusses the reasons that have led to the current economic crisis and some of his ideas that are more fiscally sound and good for our country

Thursday March 5, 2009

Guest: Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Katherine Peters

Topic: Ramsey Clark is representing Harlyn Geronimo in an attempt to recover his Grandfather Geronimo’s remains and missing nuclear materials from 15 locations are discussed


Geronimo article…

Monday March 23, 2009

Guest: Rep. Bob Wagner- Montana

Topic: The state of Montana considers a return to gold and silver dollars


Monday March 30, 2009

Guest: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Topic: Known for his tough stand on illegal immigration and upholding the law of the land, Sheriff Joe is now under investigation by the Department of Justice. He has been featured on CBS’ 60 MInutes, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, BBC, The Learning Channel and The Discovery Channel

Wednesday April 1, 2009

Guest: Executive Director of Jews for Jesus David Brickner

Topic: How “Christian” is Christian Zionism ?


SHOW #10
Thursday April 9, 2009

Guest: Chaplain Mirta Signorelli

Topic: A chaplain at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton has resigned, she says, over a ban on use of the words “God” or “Lord” in public settings.


SHOW #11
Friday April 10, 2009

Guest: Marvin Rosenthal- Aurthor, Teacher, and Executive Director of Zion’s Hope Ministry

Topic: Zion’s Hope seeks to graciously proclaim to the Jewish people their need for personal salvation through Jesus the Messiah and to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all men regardless of race, religion, gender, education, or national origin.

SHOW #12
Monday April 13, 2009

Guest: Oathkeepers founders Stewart Rhodes and Dave Freeman


Topic: Oathkeepers is made up of active military, veterans, and peace officers who vow to honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, they will NOT ” just follow orders ,” but will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic

Download the daily radio show free at:

Other broadcasts also available through a DuckDuckGo search, YouTube and


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