Laura Eisenhower – MUFON-LA (1 of 1)


Published on May 20, 2012 by 

Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is on a profound mission to continue the work begun by her great grandfather. As a child, Laura had several encounters with ETs, during which she was given messages about her future mission in life. Informed by these experiences, Laura is engaged in carrying-on the Eisenhower legacy, dedicating herself to exposing dark aspects of the Military Industrial Complex.

Laura has extraordinary intuitive gifts, which are deeply connected with the “Sophia,” the divine feminine energies of love and wisdom. In this talk, she will reveal how branches of the global power structure have been using quantum-access technologies and mind control techniques to further an agenda designed to suppress humanity’s awareness of its true origins and potential. In 2006, a sophisticated attempt was made by trained intelligence agents to recruit Laura to move to a government-run survival colony on Mars. She will tell us how she responded to this peculiar proposition–and what she discovered about this Mars base in the process.

“As I grew up, I could sense that I was completing this battle that has ancient roots. When Hitler died and the Nazis lost power- the entities including those that were ET/Extraterrestrial did not. They continued to find hosts and create agreements with people who were a part of the races of the patriarch and Global Elite — who want to run things through fear tactics, control and the suppression of Sophia or the essence of the Divine Feminine.”

Eisenhower, a strong advocate for human rights and self-determination, will also share information about treaties between ETs and our government, the existence of civilizations on remote star systems and the negative influence of Archons on human affairs. Laura has an excellent base of knowledge related to natural systems, frontier health research, ufology, ancient history, alchemy and metaphysics. She has degrees or certifications in science, wilderness expedition leadership and natural healing. She is a mythic cosmologist, global strategist, clairvoyant healer, Earth advocate, and artist.

As we’re all aware, we are in a period of significant upheaval on the planet. Laura will share with us her insights into how we can use this time of great transition to help create a positive future for humanity.



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