Anthony Sanchez – Truth Connections Radio – 27th June 2012

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With over 20 years of dedicated research into the UFO phenomenon and related topics, Anthony Sanchez has become quite the expert researcher. Using an array of scientific methods, hands-on approaches, and first hand witness testimony, Anthony has been able to provide in-depth and thoroughly detailed accounts of factual information, and circumstances of actual events. Anthony is the first Investigative Reseracher ever to find U.S. Government property atop the Archuleta Mesa (Dulce, New Mexico) on what is sovereign land belonging to the Jicarilla Apache Nation — not the Government or Military.

Originally interested in UFO investigation in 1989 — at the time Area 51 surfaced as a public phenomenon — Anthony has since expanded his research into other areas. He speaks often about our genetic engineering, his Human Origins hypothesis, through which he created a “Lineal-Traditional Linkage Model” — the alien/human hybrid theory (reality?) of how we evolved. By studying many ancient Hebrew religious texts in detail, including gospels from the Dead Sea Scrolls, such as the Book of Giants and the Book of Enoch; as well as Sumerian-Babylonian translations; Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals; and Akkadian cuniform inscriptions, Anthony has a huge knowledge-base that he uses to compare and merge theories for increasing accuracy. Anthony’s summation of our human origins is incredibly detailed, and even includes a lineage chart.

Anthony’s book, UFO Highway, available on his website ( is dubbed, “The most important book in Ufology in the last 20 years.” It contains information and testimony gathered from sources including Colonel X (name witheld), a retired USAF Colonel, who goes into detail about the underground Dulce facility, the many levels it contains, and the breeding and experimentation that goes on there. Colonel X was assigned to Dulce as part of a special Medical Detachment where he learned the history and circumstances surrounding the harrowing 1940 Dulce Discovery event and the classified 1979 incident.

In the 2 information packed hours we have with Anthony, we’ll be traveling back to our human origins, discussing his transformation hypothesis, as well as Dulce’s underground facility at New Mexico, including the Dulce War, MILABs, and other areas of alarm, such as HAARP and Project Blue Beam; the Alien Agenda, Annunaki, Greys, and other off-planet species; and so much more.



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