What the government doesn’t want you to know about aliens and UFO’s.

David Ellis Comments:

The views expressed within this presentation are not necessarily my own beliefs, but for those who have requested me to post the above title on my blog site – here it is:

Uploaded by  on May 26, 2010

Strong Delusion: Exposing the Deception & Danger Behind the UFO-Alien Phenomenon:

Within this video series, which draws from the research of many different people from different beliefs, many different questions will be looked at including:

– Are AliensUFOs real or are they all hoaxes?

– Is this phenomenon burgeoning?

– What do high level military, intelligence, government, & corporate officials believe and reveal about this subject?

– Are Aliens-UFOs extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional? Do aliens really come from other far away planets or does the scientific evidence disprove this theory?

– Are Aliens benevolent or malevolent?

– Is the UFO-Alien phenomenon closely linked with the occult, paranormal & New Age?

– Are Aliens demonic & fallen angelic spirit beings? Are these space brothers, demons, fallen angels, ascended masters, and aliens all one and the same?

– Are people really being abducted?

– Are people really able to stop & terminate abductions in the name & authority of Jesus Christ?

– What does the Bible say about UFOs-Aliens? Are there prophecies and warnings about them?

– What messages do these entities bring? What is the Alien Gospel? Is it the same repacked lies that the Devil, Satan, the serpent deceived Eve with in the Garden of Eden?

– Do these alien messages constantly attack the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the biblical teachings surrounding Jesus Christs crucifixion and shedding of his blood, death, burial and resurrection for the sacrificial atoning for the sins of the whole world?



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