Al Bielek – YEARS 2137 & 2749

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Recorded in 2000.

There has been much speculation that the late Al Bielek‘s testimony, concerning his (alleged) involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment and other related subjects, was false, that it was nothing more than an elaborate hoax, a sham! 

The question arises: was he telling the truth or fabricating the whole scenario for purposes best known to himself? Well, I must let you decide for yourselves on this matter; I do hold an opinion regarding these debunking claims, but in interests of not wishing to influence your judgments – one way or another,  I will share them at a later date in an updated version of this post

Below are two links – for and against his claims, under-which I have left an extract of both opposing sides of  this argument…  David Ellis…

By the time Bielek makes his famous MUFON (Texas) conference debut, he has already complicated the story by inserting unsubstantiated comments about the involvement of the great Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla. We will see that Bielek will cling to this assertion, to this day, despite not providing a single credible scrap of evidence to back up the claim. Later, we will see that there exists (outside of Bielek’s speeches) small but tangible support to Tesla’s involvement, however small. This is a quotation of his MUFON speech:

About that time in ’31, some people decided maybe it was about time to do something about it and they got together at the University of Chicago. The three principles involved were Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. John Hutchinson Sr. and dean of the University of Chicago, later chancellor, and a Dr. Kirtenauer, who was an Austrian physicist, who came from Austria and was on staff at the University of Chicago. They did a little research….a feasibility study type thing at that time, did not accomplish very much, at that particular moment, in that period. A little bit later, the entire project was moved to the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton.”

And more detailed a second time:

“Other people became important to this project as time went on. Now in 1934 roughly, they moved the project to the Institute, and Dr. Tesla comes into play here. Tesla is a very important man. His history’s fairly well known.”

Al Bielek-An Overview of his life and related articles

The 2003 Al Bielek Debunking Campaign
July 22, 2003
. A new campaign to debunk Al Bielek got kicked off on the internet somewhere in late Spring of 2003. I’ve been sent e-mails by two relatively unknown individuals who are anxious to have me review their debunking allegations against Al. I haven’t responded to them yet, but a third individual said to be associated with this current debunking effort is better known; his name is Marshall Barnes. Barnes has previously spoken supportively of the Philadelphia Experiment (and Al Bielek) on the radio, so one has to wonder what’s going on there. This is not the first time a campaign has been launched to discredit the Philadelphia Experiment story. The late Jacques Vallee attempted to do just that in 1994 with an article titled: Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later which appeared in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. I guess it might have held sway at least with the casual reader, had it not been thoroughly demolished and shown to be a disinfo piece in an article titled: Debunking The Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers which appeared on December 6, 2001 at One has to wonder if Al’s unexpected sleuthing and resultant discovery of the HIDDEN FILES embedded within the CDs mentioned above could have had anything to do with this latest discrediting effort, or if Al’s more recent radio interviews discussing information about worldwide electronic mind control using microwave “cell phone” towers has anything to do with it. Regardless of the reason, Al says that one doesn’t have to scratch very deep beneath the surface to find the hidden hand of Naval Intelligence at work when it comes to undermining his credibility or the reality of the entire Philadelphia Experiment saga.



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