Suprise suprise! World Elite Have A Reality Check : Glass-Steagall or Die!

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The collapse of the global financial system is coming to a head whereby significant elite banking institutions and the wealthiest families have grouped together to call for a Glass-Steagall reform in the UK and the US. This opens the doors to a global Glass-Steagall Standard of banking worldwide.

This is Huge! This is History in the making! The once considered enemy of humanity (the powers that be) has turned a new leaf in policy that will spare civilization from sliding into a new dark age. From the US, what is need is the Leadership to rally in the Congress and reinstate the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act that was repealed in 1999 under the Clinton Administration by Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers and Company.

In the US, the only leading American promoting the reinstatement of the classical Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 -a measure taken by President Roosevelt to guide America out of the Great Depression of 1933 is none-other-than Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. a world renowned Economist and American Patriot.

In this report we take up the recent speech given by Vladimir Putin on Russia’s policy to continue cooperation with China and to extend that to Europe and the United States. We also take a look at the developments in Syria, the recent findings in the fast and furious trial as well as the latest on Glass-Steagall.

A specific grouping of the British oligarchy has sounded the trumpet loud and clear, Glass-Steagall NOW! Even though most Americans have yet to realize the effect of this historic shift or feel the weight of the opportunity presented, this tidal wave for Glass-Steagall has already reached our shores.

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