The Mandela Effect – A Quantum Existence…


Published on 6 Oct 2016

Best in full screen HD. Please pause if you need to, many thanks for watching, DE51. My apologies, I had to reupload.

Either there are changes waiting to be found or changes happening progressively as more people are becoming aware! Or, indeed, a blend of both. I just feel sorry for those who are waking up to this reality for the first time, knowing that something isn’t quite right!

For the last 3 to 4 years I have had this deep feeling of unease, I didn’t bother with my wordpress site, or YT channel or twitter account for a good 18 months. The strange thing is that every time I attempted to go on any of these sites a wave of lethargy came over me, and I just couldn’t bring myself around to write a blog, or make a video, or chat to people on twitter; I felt almost as if it didn’t matter anymore, to my shame. Then a short amount of weeks after I started back on social media, the “Mandela Effect” came to light. It took me by surprise and disturbed me immensely.

Since then, there has not been a day that I forget about these changes. It hits me sometimes like a cold slap on the face. What has happened, and is continuing to happen, is more significant than anything the Human Race has ever faced before, and I just know, call it a gut instinct, that there is something malevolent behind it all. Just my opinion, yet that is what I think…

We must all group together, that is the only way forward now, all of us…

Peace and Regards, DE51

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