The Complete Lacerta Files Reptilian Interview (Audio)…

Uploaded by  on Oct 6, 2011

The complete “Lacertainterview
transformed into audio format by

This is an audio transformed version of a transcript that was circulated and passed around in the early 2000s.
it is also known as the lacerta interview. 
while there are some websites naming a Jimmy Bergman from Sweden as the source. researching this shows that Jimmy Bergman is just a fictional person. And the only explanation is that certain websites made that name up so that it would appear like they had been granted the copyright,this is not the case there is no Jimmy Bergman to be found that claim to be the author or original receiver of this transcript that appeared about 10 years ago
in the end this name seem to have been constructed in a lame copyright scam attempt. which is hilarious since the transcript says it should be spread far and wide via e-mail etc..
and are even asking people to do this. this transcript was spread that way from the beginning, and also via various file sharing networks such as dc++ in pdf format

if you want the text version just google “the lacerta interview” and you will find the text at various websites 


I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I’ve made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999. This female being was already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with the initials E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, that I was all my life a skeptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictitious stories when he talked with me about his First Contacts with the non-human being “La certa”. I was still a skeptic when I met this being on December 16 last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many unbelievable things during that meeting that I can’t deny the reality and the truth of her words any longer. This is not another of that wrong UFO papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just fiction, I’m convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and therefore you should read it.




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