UFO Video Short: The Bridgewater Triangle…


The Bridgewater Triangle: Spring, 1979, Bridgewater, Massachusettes, people reported seeing very large, low flying, triangle or pentagon shaped UFOs…



We Witnessed UFO’s and Found Hidden Village

Josh Tolley

While in South America a special ops recon team witnessed two UFOs and also discovered a hidden village with German speaking people…!



Aliens On The Moon The Truth Exposed 2014…

Aliens and UFO videos

Published on 1 Oct 2014

This New Documentary, first broadcast July 2014 by the SyFi channel, states that it has gained photographic evidence of  Alien Bases on the Moon. These never before seen NASA photographs reveal installations, factories, saucers, hangers and huge satellite dishes. If these photo images are what the SyFi channel team state they are – then a whole can of worms has just opened up!!!



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UFO Video Short: N.A.S.A. Mission Footage Archive…


Published 22 Oct 2014

I’ll say just one thing: nothing changes trajectory in space unless it is under some form of control! Need I say anymore?

Music now added!



UFO Video Short…

By Panoffolin

Published 21 Oct 2014

January 23, 2014, Naha, capital city of Okinawa Island, Japan.

Hovering orbs of light above a major city recorded by a city resident. The whole display lasted for around 15 minutes. 



UFOs in Our Sky…


Published on 24 Sep 2014

UFO sightings near airplanes and inside our air space provide some of the best UFO footage ever seen. With an apparent interest in our aviation technologies, these airborne alien encounters can sometimes turn into tragic disasters. As the number of UFO sightings near commercial and military aircraft increases, what is the purpose of this surveillance and should more serious attention be afforded for what seems to be catastrophically close encounters in the sky?

Footage includes stunning helicopter camera captures of UFOs flying low over downtown areas, a missile destroying an unknown alien orb, an amazing formation of shimmering UFOs in California, and a close encounter on the high seas near Spain.

UFO activity is increasingly more prevalent near our global air transportation infrastructure and military aircraft. Are all of these sightings just top secret military craft? Or is it possible that even just one of them is not a vehicle of human design – then can we as a people truly say that these are “our skies” anymore?



Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014


Published on 20 Oct 2014

A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post this series once again. Some of the most interesting uploads over the last 2 months can be found on this video.
Everything featured can be located below inside the description box..




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