UFOs & Wormholes – August 11 2013

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Published on 12 Aug 2013

UFO researcher Wilbur Allen presented an update on UFO sightings that he believes are beyond this world, and demonstrate craft entering and leaving our atmosphere through a wormhole or stargate. Recent footage he shot shows a sudden manifestation in Sedona, Arizona airspace, and then the craft exiting undetected two hours later, he reported. This is similar to what air traffic controllers experience when they see an object suddenly appear on their radar, Allen added. In a 2002 incident, a three and half minute photographic exposure revealed an object starting to vibrate, “and you could see an arc or a hole open in the sky,” followed by a flash of light, he detailed.

It was only in recent years that he acquired the technology to photograph anomalies in the sky, using higher film sensitivity and shutter speeds, to capture objects like cloaked ships, he noted. Most of the unexplained objects in the sky are light or plasma-based spacecraft– sometimes seen as balls of light, he stated.

Allen recounted being abducted by Greys as a child growing up in the 1960s, when he lived with his family at a military base in England. Perhaps related to an alien implant in his neck, he said that he receives a signal or impulse to be at a certain locations at certain times to take photographs, where often a UFO appears out of nowhere. It’s interesting that while the aliens monitor his activities, he’s monitoring theirs via his photographic documentation, Allen remarked.


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Published on 5 Aug 2013

This MOVIE is the sequel to the Legendary MOVIE – “The Secret NASA Transmissions #1 The Smoking Gun” and presents further details about UFO VIDEOS taken by NASA Space Shuttle Cameras and the facts around a secret independent study to monitor the digital video cameras on all NASA Space Shuttle missions which has yielded startling results. 

Martyn Stubbs recorded over 2,500 hours of live NASA video transmissions over a period of five years. Some of this footage shows what appears to be intelligently controlled UFOs caught on NASA’s own video cameras. This “historic” video footage and the story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed. 

The independent surveillance of NASA video cameras and ensuing research by Martyn Stubbs revolutionized UFO research with NASA Space Shuttle cameras. This film remains today an important source of UFO research history.



FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (©) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes…


Ken Pfeifer: What Goes On In The Skies

Randy Maugans

Published on 18 May 2013

OffPlanet Radio Live – 05-15-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Ken Pfeifer


Ken Pfeifer is Chief Investigator for New Jersey MUFON and the webmaster for two popular websites (over 90,00 hits per month) chronicling the photographic evidence of UFOs which routinely appear in the skies around the planet. Ken is a pilot and Desert Storm veteran who has actively worked to classify and expose the presence of the craft—and the beings who fly them.

Slideshow of selected images discussed in the show: 

We discuss the body of photogaphic UFO evidence, the workings of UFO investigations, and the need to better coordination and collation of data between UFO investigative group. The current state of UFOlogy, trends in sitings, and government/military non-disclosure, as well as some insigths from three people who are experiencers and keep asking questions about “what goes on in the skies”.



FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (©) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes


Spinning UFO in Mexico City ejects dozens of spheres 05/22/2009


Uploaded on 3 Oct 2010

(edited by youtube user Erika7233/Nina3352) MEXICO CITY — 2 remarkable videos have been shown on Mexican TV of a UFO releasing intelligent moving spheres into the sky! This video was shot in May 2009 by Pedro Hernandez, who saw the UFO while looking out a bus window. A second video later surfaced from a different vantage point by Alfredo Carrillo. As the UFO rapidly spun, it released countless orbs, which danced around the craft! Mexico City has an abnormally high rate of UFO sightings, but a recording of this kind is still a rare occurrence. The footage of this beautiful and strange aerial dance has been analyzed by Jamie Maussan and his staff and has been described as some of the most amazing and credible footage of a UFO event he has seen to date!
(Music is “Allegro” by Bear McCreary)

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U.F.O.s: Do We Need To Worry? I Think We Do! (Important Updated Re-post..!)

Published on May 3, 2012 by 

Written and compiled by David Ellis…

This award winning Alien Abduction Documentary embodies a wealth of  information to take note of.  They are here, they are frequenting our planet, they abduct people, they implant their victims with small monitoring bio/tech mechanisms/devices; they are responsible for mutilations – Human and Animal, they are responsible for – as reported by Abductees, sometimes painful surgical procedures which they perform upon their terrified Human Hosts, often extracting tissue, semen and egg samples from their victims; their craft have been filmed – genuine film footage that has been analyzed and authenticated!  Western Governments are doing their best to keep the lid on what is occurring and are most definitely not forthcoming with the information they already possess.

Doctor Roger Leir postulates the theory that genetic manipulation upon Human kind is an ongoing concern for the E.B.E.s or E.T.s,  Doctor David Jacobs also adheres to this concept, and they both believe that it has been occurring for a substantial amount of time in the course of Human history. 

For whatever reason our Governments are not disclosing the information they have gained, it is not reason enough to keep us in the dark! They have a moral obligation as our representatives to  inform each and everyone of us of what they know concerning the E.T./Abduction reality!

Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir, author of “Aliens and the Scalpel,” has been said to be one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed nine surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of ten separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. Dr. Leir anticipates performing more surgeries in the future and will investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called “A & S Research Inc.”

Below is one of three compilation video links which I have been fortunate to locate. I have posted it here to give an genuine insight of what is occurring in our airspace.

Uploaded by  on Oct 31, 2007

Butch Witkowski discusses a darker side of what is occurring as a result of UFO encounters; whilst I truly believe many encounters are of a benevolent or indifferent kind, I also believe that many are also of a malevolent kind…

David Ellis writes:

Although I haven’t yet written an article about Cattle and Animal Mutilations, I have done a great deal of research into this disquieting and intriguing subject.  It is not only the larger animals such as horses and cattle that have become the unfortunate victims of mutilation, but also the smaller species of animal: dogs, cats, foxes, badgers, squirrels – the list goes on.

I do have documented and cataloged evidence of this albeit from animal victims in the UK; and although reports of these occurrences are generally hushed up by the authorities in Britain, animal mutilations are nevertheless still occurring with the same frequency.

Before mutilations occur UFOs have been widely reported beforehand, whether via witnessing strange lights in the sky, or landed craft, where the occupants of these craft have, in many cases, been reported as the archetypal Grey accompanied by tall Reptilian looking creatures.

Illustrated below are two different ET types, aboard the same craft at different time periods, the footage was filmed by Dr Roger Leir off the Turkish Coast, and a frame of this film was analysed by a skeptic who tried to disprove the footage as fake, but failed to do so – and, himself, was shocked at his own findings. Footage from Turkish UFO clearly shows alien occupants. Analyzed by Dr Roger Leir:

Uploaded by  on Jan 27, 2011

Uploaded by  on Jan 20, 2011

Ive been trying to debunk this video for a while when I came upon this during enlarging the video.These are not the EBE’s I were expecting to see..I was expecting to see fake models or the small Grey images.I was a little set back by the image I got..Still I will keep trying to see if this video is authentic or fake.So this image still might be fake but from their video.

On a darker note, Human Mutilations have been taking place, yet very rarely reported.  A photo was sent to me some years ago of a Human mutilation victim from Brazil. Rumours of many Human victims, which have not been reported but covered up by the intelligence agencies, tell a similar story.

I implore you to locate interviews with Linda Moulton Howe, she is probably the finest authority on this subject matter: her years of research span from the 1960s to the present day. Also, please take a look at a very well detailed blog on the mutilation subject.  Go tohttps://lordlangerz.wordpress.com , where you will find a wealth of information concerning this terrible  and very real occurrance.

This is a serious subject and should not be dismissed out of hand.

Below is one of the finest UFO compilations I have been fortunate enough to come across – posted again to show some visual evidence of what is occurring in our skies… The compilation is in two parts…

Uploaded by  on Sep 26, 2010

Uploaded by  on Sep 26, 2010

Title: UFO Compilation History. This is in three 2 hr parts, so obviously watch at your own leisure, but do watch – it is very much worth it…

ploaded by  on May 7, 2011

This is a compilation of evidence revealed by American presidents, astronauts, military personnel, politicians along with credible aired news footage. The compilation contains planned revelations regarding knowledge of life beyond Earth along with current ongoing presence of E.Ts. & awareness of free energy technology which is being hidden from masses

The following is a partial list of what is in the compilation

1 — Former U.S. President – Dwight D Eisenhower‘s statement regarding the danger of an unchecked “Military Industrial Congressional Complex” which is Dwight’s analogous way of revealing his knowledge of the secret societies and their unchecked and unbalanced power.

2 — Former American astronaut Neil Armstrong‘s statement — “Breakthroughs available for those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers”

3 — Fife Symington Governor of Arizona – Admits to cover up of the 1997 mass UFO sighting 10 years later

4 — Steven Greer — Head of UFO Disclosure Project http://www.DisclosureProject.com includes (500 + former military, aviation, corporate witnesses who wish to testify and provide evidence to congress of the alleged cover ups of UFO activity

7 — News footage, Chicago O’hare airport, UFO hovers in airport, takes off at massive speeds from standing point to vanishing in a moment breaking through and punching a hole in the clouds

8 — Man summons UFO by reading verses from the Torah, event recorded by news agency

11 — Former Astronaut Bryan O Leary’s testimony of UFO + secret free energy technology cover up, plus photographic evidence of structures on mars

12 — Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell admits to having knowledge of Roswell 1947 alien vehicle crash cover up

13 — Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin provides evidence of a monolith on Phobos a moon of Mars

17 — Former Pennsylvania congressman Henry Maclroy Jr. provides testimony of being briefed and reading a document which was provided to former American President Dwight D Eisenhower, the document states “First contact has been made, aliens are non-hostile”

18 — China UFO over airport news coverage

20 — UFOs over Manhttan 10/13/2010 a few days apart from UFO over China.

21 — UFOs over El Paso Texas a few days after NYC sighting

22 — John Podesta Barack Obama’s transition team leader states on national T.V. — “Time to find out the truth about UFO investigations”

Suggested websites

http://www.DivineCosmos.com – http://www.ProjectCamelot.org –http://www.ProjectAvalon.net – http://www.MichaelTsarion.com –http://www.RT.com – http://www.INFOwars.com –http://www.CoastToCoastAm.org – http://www.DemocracyNow.org

Video documentary researchers recommendations viewable on http://www.Google.com and http://www.YOUTUBE.com

2012 Enigma David Wilcock – Baraka – Ashes and Snow — Food Inc (Documentary) – Earthlings (Documentary) – What in the world are they spraying (Documentary) – Vaccine Nation (Documentary) – Zeitgeist (Documentary) – Loose Change (Documentary)

Researchers and their work which you can find on Google and YOUTUBE videos

David Wilcock – Graham Hancock – Michael Tsarion — Jordan Maxwell — Michael Tellinger – Alex Jones – Gary Null

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/Freedomloveandtruthwhere you can view important related information which I have collected and organized

Category: News and Politics.

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UFOs and Human Mutilations

I do have to comment on this feature, I have studied this particularly harrowing aspect of UFOLOGY for many years. In Britain you research this subject under the threat of death! You are warned not to continue with your research if you get too close to the numbers of  Human  Mutilation Victims, which appear to occur in ever increasing numbers, and yet which are hushed up by the Authorities.

Similarly, worldwide, the Authority’s  response to this terrible injustice to Humanity, is the same negative, under threat of death, response! Researchers who get too close are warned off!  I truly believe, through the findings of my own private and personal research that Human Mutilations are not a new phenomena, or that they are an increasing occurrence, but that they are a constant – a perpetual harvest that has been ongoing for many years. To put it in a clearer context, Human mutilations have been occurring for many many centuries, worldwide, as have Animal Mutilations.

Butch Witkowski’s Lecture is a very informative and to the point – must watch, lecture… Be assured, Human and Animal Mutilations are a reality the governments of this world wish to hide from you!  Wake Up, and demand answers now! It is your right as a Human…  David Ellis…

Uploaded by  on Dec 29, 2009

This Presentation by a 27 year veteran homicide detective should be given a ear. Butch Witkowski is a MUFON volunteer investigator. What he presented at the annual Pennsylvania Local MUFON conference on human bodies found mutilated like the cattle may shock you, but it deserves a listen.
Read: “UFOs And Human Mutilations” at UFO Media Mattershttp://ufomedia.blogspot.com
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WARNING!!! This is a UFO Related Human Mutilation Case, Which is Graphic in Written Content and Pictorial Content…

The following 3 articles. written by –   G. Cope Schellhorn, Don Ecker and Tim Swartz, highlight the infamous Brazilian Human Mutilation case, amongst others, allegedly performed by Extraterrestrials, after a stream of  UFO reports in the vicinity. This is a serious subject and the Human Mutilation reports, which are occurring on a scale as yet unknown, have been kept secret from the public domain.  It is very graphic in content and in pictorial content. This is for adult reading only… David Ellis…

UFO-Related Homicide in Brazil: The Complete Story [from International UFO Magazine]

By G. Cope Schellhorn

If this case is authentically UFO-related – and at this time I have no reason to believe it is not – then all of us are going to have to reevaluate to one degree or another our tentative conclusions as to the possible specific intentions, moral perspectives and general agenda that some of our extraterrestrial visitors may have.

There have been rumors of homicidal, UFO-related, human mutilation cases for some time now but hard evidence has been lacking. Until, perhaps, now. Brazilian ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia and Dr. Rubens Goes have recently presented a series of sensational photographs, obtained from police files which mimic the wounds of countless UFO-related animal mutilation cases that have been reported in Europe and North, Central and South America since the 1960s. On first glance they would seem to be ufology’s worst nightmare.

What is more disturbing is that Brazilian ufologists and police have intimated that there may be at least a dozen or more cases similar to the recently uncovered Guarapiranga reservoir case. If this is true, it is somewhat doubtful that any of this potential new material will ever see the light of day, given the official attitudes now prevailing in Western power circles. But we can be grateful for fortuitous disclosures, and the Guarapiranga case and it’s accompanying photographs seem to be just that. A great stroke of luck, albeit a dismaying one. Obviously if the Guarapiranga data is legitimate, then it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the position that all visitors are demonstrating a relatively friendly attitude toward humans, regardless of what their specific agenda(s) may be. The Guarapiranga situation indicates that there is at least one group of alien visitors to the planet who have a complete disdain for human sensibilities, who, in fact, could care less about the value of human life.

When I learned of the Guarapiranga case through Brazilian ufologist A.J. Gevaerd, who first published the related photos in his magazine UFO, my interest was stimulated and I quickly made plans for a trip to Brazil. In Sao Paulo I met Encarnacion Garcia at the home of well known ufologist Claudeir Covo and talked with her later at length. Then I traveled to Campo Grande and questioned Gevaerd. He was kind enough to supply me with second generation photographs (the best available) of the Guarapiranga reservoir victim having himself become thoroughly convinced that the evidence supporting the case was authentic and that the case was UFO-related. I came to the same conclusion because all other alternatives were neither supported by facts nor good logic, whereas the similarities to numerous cattle mutilations which I had studied in the United States were startling, exactly paralleling what I have seen many times before.

The specifics of the case are as follows:

Encarnacion Garcia learned from her friend, Dr. Rubens Goes, that he was in possession of some rather “odd” photos which had been given to him by his cousin, police technician, Rubens Sergio. These were official photos of a body that had been found near Guarapiranga reservoir on the 29th of September, 1988, of an unnamed male who was, however, later identified. The name of this man has been withheld from all media investigators, including UFO investigators, at the request of his relatives.

After studying the photos, Encarnacion Garcia was impressed with how similar the wounds of the body were to those found on the carcasses of so many UFO-related mutilated animals, knowledge which the original investigating police officials and medical doctors involved with the case did not possess. Surprisingly, Dr. Cuenca, head of the primary investigation, offered his files on the case. This is the stroke of luck which I previously mentioned and for which we can all be thankful. These included the all-. important autopsy description to which I will momentarily refer.

The initial police report, however, was not extraordinary in nature except for the recognition that the body, although extremely mutilated, had not met with unusual violence; that is, there were no signs of struggle or the application of bondage of any kind.

It was the autopsy report itself which was most revealing, especially when we compare the remarks made there with what we have learned from animal mutilation cases elsewhere. It is imperative to remember, as I have stated previously, that the individuals conducting the autopsy had no knowledge of similar animal mutilation cases. This makes the official remarks of the report all the more revealing in retrospect.

Encarnacion Garcia received copies of seven photos. I have included the five most revealing ones here with a description and commentary. The work of the perpetrators of this atrocity: the kinds of cuts made, the precision of the cuts, the removal of whole internal organs through small apertures, the lack of bleeding, the failure of the body to smell or decompose rapidly – all these are hallmarks of UFO-related animal mutilations. These peculiarities would seem to rule out Satanists, revenge- seekers or casual mutilators and go beyond even the capacities of a modern Jack the Ripper.

Photo #I: Face and upper torso photo. The body was in perfect condition. Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously. There were no signs of animal predation or putrefaction which might be expected. Strangely, there was no odor to the cadaver. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. The black coloration found in the face area and in other places within the photo is partly due to low light exposure when this photo and others were taken. It is also partly due to coagulated blood in the wound areas.

As can clearly be seen, flesh and lips have been excised around the mandibles, as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations, the autopsy report noted that “the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied.” Removal of these body parts, including the tongue as here, is common enough in animal mutilation cases.

As Encarnacion Garcia rightly recognized, if a comparison of the victim with animal mutilation cases is made, “You can see they are the same – and that is also the conclusion of experienced doctors.” The doctors drew their conclusion only after they had been shown photographs of similar animal mutilation cases, cases with which they were not previously familiar.

The autopsy report states: “There has been a removal of extensive tissue along many parts of the face, head and neck of the victim… There has also been extraction of ocular tissue, eyes, auditive internal and external organs (ears) and entire parts of the head. The tongue and several muscles were also extracted.”

The kinds of cuts on the cadaver are what we have come to expect in UFO-related animal mutilation cases. Of primary interest is their precision. The “surgery” (or butchery, if you will) was done with agility and care and probably with speed. The lack of profuse bleeding suggests the use of a laser-like instrument producing acute heat, thus cauterizing almost immediately the edge of the wounds. This is a speculation on my part, however, although there are numerous precedents. Many of the cases studied by Dr. John Altshuler in the United States exhibit this kind of high heat, rapid surgery. Whether it would still be possible to test fragments of the flesh from the victim’s wound areas is doubtful. Suffice it to say the wounds appear to be exact replicas of cases studied by Dr. Altshuler, Tom Adams, Bob Pratt, Ted Oliphant, Linda Howe, Colman VonKeviczky and myself.

Photo #2: (Above) Face and upper torso with arms outstretched. Perhaps it is best to begin here with several quotes from the autopsy report. “The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest.” As Garcia observed, the doctors stated that these wounds were quite uncommon. The report also observes, “Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs.”

In other words, internal organs were removed or sucked somehow through these small circular incisions. Why such a technique? Some doctors today are using a similar method to remove diseased tissue and organs from their human subjects – but this kind of procedure injures those organs in the process. Did the “surgeons” who worked on this victim care whether the organs were injured or not? What kind of specimens were they looking for? What kind of research is this? Wouldn’t it be easier and more medically expedient to abduct a human specimen and study it live, including its anatomy and physiology, in a properly equipped laboratory? It would appear that the perpetrators of this act did not care if the man’s life was lost nor did they care if the body were found. Here we have strong indication of a total disregard for the specimen and, by extension, for human life in general. The body was left as trash. What does this say about the perpetrators and their attitudes?

The photo clearly shows the symmetrical holes in the man’s arms. One arm clearly shows the sunken area near the perforation clearly, demonstrating where muscle has been extracted. The shrunken chest area also indicates a similar process of internal extractions. It is significant that the police and medical examiners were convinced the holes found in the head, arms, stomach, anus and legs were not produced by bullet wounds.

Photo #3: Close up of the left side of the victim’s head. Here we see that the ear is cleanly excised. As the report states, “auditive internal and external” matter was removed The photo does not show the small holes discovered in the cranium. These were detected, however, by the medical examiners. How much, if any, of the brain tissue was removed is not stated.

Photo #4: Close up of lower torso including thighs. The stretcher, pants and cord that are visible belonged to the rescue team. The autopsy report continues, “You also find the removal of the belly button leaving a 1.5 inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity showing the removal of the intestines.” Brazilian doctors who later viewed the evidence were left nonplused by the hole in the umbilical area where, it appeared, “a great amount of internal organs were extracted. The edge of the hole was perfect and shows a precision cut. Also, the abdominal area of the body was very shrunken because of organ removal.” The original autopsy report notes that “the scrotum was also removed by a 3 x 1.5 cm. elliptical incision.” Strangely, the penis itself was left intact although it appeared to have been stretched to about twice its normal length. Why excise the scrotum without taking the penis? Human logic is defied by such actions. We are aware, however, of the great similarity here with other animal mutilation cases, particularly female cattle where it is not unusual to see anus, teats, vagina and uterus extracted. But why exactly this is done is as big a mystery as who the exact perpetrators are, although there is enough strong circumstantial evidence to implicate UFO involvement.

The hole in the left leg duplicates in size the umbilical hole and the arm hole previously discussed. In the words of the autopsy report, “It was an… elliptical incision of about 3 x 1. 5 cm…The penis was stretched and had no signs of being cut. The testicles were extracted with a precision cut.” Rather startling is the lack of pubic hair, as if the victim had been readied for surgery.

Early on in the investigation, Brazilian official investigators considered the possibility that the castration of the victim was an act of revenge. They soon rejected this theory, however, because it could not account for the remaining wounds and the other peculiarities related to the body. What is more, revenge seekers who castrate usually excise the penis, not just the scrotum.

Photo #5: Victim lying on his stomach. The autopsy report specifies: -“Removal of the anus and a hole between the second and third toes…The anal orifice of the victim was extracted with a large incision about 3 by 6 inches in diameter. The rectum and other internal parts of the human discharge system were also removed. It is probable that even some of the internal organs of the man could have been removed through this incision.”

What is most compelling about the anal incision and the extraction of anal and digestive tract tissue is that it is a carbon copy of the surgery we have seen in so many UFO-related animal mutilation cases. Are we supposed to believe a revengeful human or a group of Satanists are capable of such precise, difficult, surgical techniques/procedures which leave even medical professionals perplexed as to how they could have been done? I think not. Has the Brazilian and/or American government staged a little demonstration at the Guarapiranga reservoir to frighten UFO investigators and the general public into fearing all extraterrestrial contact? In other words, are we faced with a gruesome, carefully orchestrated display of misinformation? Possibly, but probably not, and my reasons for believing this are several.

First, it would seem a fortuitous turn of events that ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia had the right friend(s) in the right places at the right time. If our government, and presumably the Brazilian government, has kept a lid on similarly sensational material in the past – and I have no doubt there is more than ample evidence supporting such a contention – here we have an accidental bubble that has, against all odds, escaped the pot. It is our good fortune, you might say.

The photos are definitely causing a stir; causing many people, including some UFO investigators, to do some new thinking. But the powers that control lids will be carefully double-checking in the near future to make sure the pot is as secure as possible. Thus I would not get my hopes up that additional homicidal, UFO-related human mutilation cases and graphic photographs accompanying them will surface in the near future.

If we discard the possibility of the Guarapiranga case as a piece of misinformation, we are left with several intriguing alternatives. Is this the infrequent act of a rogue extraterrestrial group which from time to time enjoys indulging themselves in a pathological blood sport at the expense of humans? Perhaps. More likely, I think, we are indirect witnesses to an intentionally contemptuous act by a group or species of extraterrestrial origin who would like to give other visiting species a bad name and, as a bonus, harness mankind into a greater fear-mentality than already binds it. But these are only speculations and we will have to wait until a future time for a greater truth when more thorough revelations, and evidence that supports them, become available.

Do we have any precedents to the Guarapiranga case? Yes, we do. At least one good example and the rumors of possibly another. The case of Sgt. Jonathan P Louette, who was stationed at White Sands Missile Test Range in 1956 and whose mutilated body was found on the Range three days after an Air Force major had witnessed his abduction by a “disk shaped” object, bares a striking resemblance to the Guarapiranga situation. Louette’s genitals had been removed, his rectum cored out with surgical precision and his eyes excised in a manner quite similar to the incisions made upon our Guarapiranga victim. And then there is the rumor of the Texas mutilation case which occurred – and was quickly hushed up – in the mid ’60s. I have had verification ofthe legitimacy of this by two intelligence agency personnel, one active and one retired, but have not had time to investigate further.

At present, the rumors of human body parts found on at least one crashed UFO in the 1940s, body parts found in a barn in the state of Oregon several years ago or the rumor of a mutilated Vietnam War B-52 crew will have to remain just that – rumors, until the lid accidentally, albeit infrequently, comes ajar again and we have some solid evidence. But there is no denying that the Guarapiranga reservoir case has taken us far beyond rumor. The evidence is unmistakable and it is sobering. On the one hand, it points stunningly in a UFO-related direction. On the other hand, I believe it would be wise of us to draw a tentative conclusion if other less violent cases have not already led us to do so. We should not, in most cases, generalize about our extraterrestrial visitors; neither about their motives , morals nor research agendas. And one addendum also seems advisable: In an age when almost anything has come to seem possible, if not probable, either cosmically or here on earth, the wisest course might be to let our extraterrestrial visitors demonstrate their friendliness before jumping to conclusions about their philanthropy and opening the door too wide. After all, Little Red Riding Hood, nine times out of ten, is no match for the wolf at the door.

We have seen in the past, especially in Brazil, many cases where Human beings have been attacked by UFOs and their occupants. This is an undeniable reality that many researchers do not want to face. The Fenomeno Chupa-Chupa or “Suck-Suck” phenomenon which occurred in the Amazon and northeastern part of the country in the ’70s and ’80s produced hundreds of injured people and ultimately some fatalities. These mostly impoverished people were usually attacked by small probes (3-6 inches in diameter), probably unmanned, little UFOs which emitted strong, burning beams of light. Many of the victims suffered not only burns but a significant loss of blood (thus the “suck-suck” appellation) during their encounters. Some, such as Luiz Fernandes Barroso, suffered appreciable mental as well as physical incapacitation. Barroso’s mind was reduced to that of a two-year-old long before his death.

In North America, reports of brutal manhandling by UFO occupants are much rarer. If homicidal, UFO-related human mutilations have taken place they have either gone unrecognized for what they really are or have been adeptly covered up by official intervention. Whatever the truth may be, the Guarapiranga reservoir case and the startling photos which accompany it should give us pause for thought. I, like ufologist editor A.J. Gevaerd, came to the conclusion after reviewing the evidence that UFO-related mutilators were most probably the perpetrators of the abominations revealed by the photographs of the Guarapiranga reservoir victim. And I believe Gevaerd is probably right when he says most extraterrestrial visitors seem neutral in their attitudes towards Earth and earth humans, some are friendly and some could care less. We had better learn, I think, to discern the differences. It might in the long run save our world culture and our very lives.


The Human Mutilation Factor

by Don Ecker

In the last forty years of UFO research, one of the most baffling questions that have plagued researchers has been “Is the UFO Phenomenon dangerous to humanity?” Over the years, there have been numerous cases where the phenomenon has figured into human deaths, but as a rule, most cases have been officially ruled accidental. When speaking of cases where death has resulted, usually most assume cases where military pilots have died as a result of “chasing” the phenomenon. One of the most famous of these military chases that is discussed when ever the subject of death and UFOs is raised, is the famous “Mantell Case”. This case is so well known that I will not discuss it here, but there are many others. In one of the less well known cases, during the mid 1950’s, a military jet interceptor was observed on radar being “absorbed” into a UFO over the Great Lakes. No trace of pilot or aircraft was ever found. In another case reported in the excellent work “Clear Intent” was the case of the “Cuban MIG Incident”. In this case a Cuban MIG was locking on his weapons radar when the aircraft exploded in mid*air. The wing man was certain that the UFO had fired some type of weapon, but other than the jet exploding, no other smoke, flame or other obvious weapon firing was observed.

The matter of either overt or covert hostility on the part of UFOs has always been treated warily by serious researchers. On the one hand, if the enigma is hostile, then several questions must be faced. What if anything should the powers in authority tell the public? Is the government capable of handling a threat of this type? Is the public ready to face an issue as potentially terrifying as a “possible threat from somewhere else?” Other than incidents involving military involvement, have there been cases where civilians have been injured or killed during some type of UFO encounter? Is it possible that the reported cases of UFOs and their occupants abducting unwilling humans for some type of medical or genetic experimentation could be true? Now, if any of this is factual, then what ramifications do the Human Race face in light of the above?

According to Mr. Phil Imbrogno, during the research that led to the writing of “NIGHT SIEGE The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings” by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip Imbrogno, and Bob Pratt, Imbrogno has stated that on several occasions, Hynek specified that he wanted no mention of the dozens of human abductions that they had already uncovered at that time, to be mentioned in the book. Hynek was afraid of the adverse publicity if word of this aspect leaked out to the public. After Hyneks death, Imbrogno stated publicly on Compuserve and other public forums, facts of abductions, animal mutilations, and EVEN several cases of mysterious deaths of humans, that he indicated COULD possibly be linked to the UFO Phenomenon.

While researching several stories for UFO Magazine, I interviewed a number of prominent UFOlogists, over the last several months, and in each case, the question of human deaths, in connection with animal mutilations, invariably was raised. Most readers of this text will be familiar with Mr. John Keel, who many regard as the last of the Great UFOlogists. From the earliest days of modern UFOlogy, Keel has been a force to reckon with. The author of numerous books that address various aspects of UFOlogy, and magazine articles too numerous to mention, Keel has a unique slant on the subject that most will never experience. According to Keel, the phenomenon has always had an unexplained hostility towards humans, that have led to untold numbers of deaths. While Keel will be the first to explain that he rejects the ET hypothesis, he does not doubt the phenomenon a bit. In what many UFOlogists consider as one of Keels best works “The Mothman Prophecies”, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 1975, Keel related report after report of animal mutilations involving cattle, dogs, horses and sheep, and also related what were called “vampire killings” of four humans in Yugoslavia, where the victims were “mutilated and drained of blood”.

After having spoken to John Ford, the Chairman of the Long Island UFO Network, for a news story for UFO Magazine, I became even more convinced that the aspect of potential UFO hostility should be investigated. Ford relayed a numbing number of animal mutilations, human disappearances, human abductions, covert Federal involvement in areas that suffered high numbers of animal mutilations, and even armed military helicopters that chased UFOs over civilian communities. Ford, who is an officer of the Federal Court system, did investigations into the disappearances of mostly young adults over a year period, in areas of high UFO overflights, and after having several personal friends who were police officers of the local municipalities look into the situation, came to the conclusion that the facts were being suppressed. The reason given was that there was “no need to panic the public.” Although no iron clad proof can be made for direct UFO intervention, the circumstances are extremely suspect.

After growing up in an age where the entire human race can be decimated by nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the human race somehow manages to keep slogging on. I have seen more people “panicked” over a shortage of gasoline than imminent nuclear holocaust, yet somehow when the subject of UFOs crop up, the government doesn’t want to panic anyone. It really makes me wonder what they know, that I should. I really don’t think that they are going to talk to anyone soon, as you shall soon see.

In January, 1989, it came to the attention of the MUFON State Director of Idaho, Mr. Don Mason, that cattle mutilations had occurred once again in the southeastern section of Idaho. After an investigation by a MUFON investigator, the facts were as follows. The animals ( two cattle, same night, but each owned by different ranchers ) were “somehow” killed, sexual organs removed, body fluids drained, patches of hide “surgically” removed. All the appearances of what is today considered to be a classic case of animal mutilation. As of this date ( February 15, 1989 ) the final lab reports are not back yet, but already the Sheriffs Department has labeled it a “cult killing.” No tracks, tire or human, around the animals even though it had just rained, no unusual activity reported by the ranchers that evening, and one animal was found next to an occupied house. One of the ranchers admitted that this was the second time he had been “hit” by the mysterious mutilators. The last incident had only been a bit over a year previously, and they were worried enough that all had their “deer rifle” within easy reach.

After having been personally involved in an investigation of cattle mutilations as a police officer back in 1982, I was very familiar with the “cult” theory of perpetrators. The Idaho Department of Law Enforcement drags it out every time there is a new rash of mutilations. The problem is, and every one is aware of it, that no one has yet been brought to trial, or arrested yet for these crimes. Out here in the west, people know that you are flirting with a ranchers bullet if you are caught fooling around with the ranchers cattle. They are his livelihood, and he will defend it. Yet, the mutilations keep occurring, and no one is any the wiser, or are they?

With the subject of animal mutilations fresh in everyones mind, I was once again speaking to Don Mason, when he informed me that the investigator that had been assigned to the above mentioned case had come across a very mysterious death of a man back in 1979. According to the report, two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho had literally stumbled across the nude body of a man that had been hideously mutilated. The body was in the literal middle of nowhere, nude except for a pair of underpants, his sexual organs had been removed, his lips sliced off, and several other classic mutilation cuts. Although he was in very rugged country, his bare feet were not marked as if he had walked in that terrain, but yet no other tracks, animal or human were evident anywhere. After the police were notified, an intensive search was mounted, and miles away, the mans possessions were recovered, yet no one yet knows how the body ended up where it was found, or even more importantly, what happened to him. It should be noted that this area also had over the years, many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations.

Now I must explain that I had very mixed feelings about whether I wished to attempt to explore this subject any further, or allow sleeping dogs to lie. On the one hand, I wanted more than anything to discover just what was occurring, and on the other, I realized that this had the potential to backfire on someone that disturbed the status quo. I was familiar with reports of human abductions and mutilations that had surfaced in the last several years in reports such as the Lear documents, Grudge 13 reports and others, but yet I was not sure what I believed, or even if there was anything to believe. I ran across a friend that was still employed with a police department in this area who was a detective. I had mentioned to him the recent cattle mutilations, and what I suspected in the above mentioned case of a human that had been mutilated. Scot had also been involved in the last several years with several cases of mutilations that he had been called upon to investigate, always with negative results. He was as curious about this phenomenon as I was, and since he was still an active duty police officer, he had access to the department computer, to access the NCIC system that is maintained in Washington D. C. by the FBI{ext. link} . After giving Scot the criteria for a search of unexplained human deaths, that involved factors of mutilation, I asked that the search go back to at least 1973, involving this area of the Northwest. Scot ( not his real name ) ran the request through the department computer. As he mentioned at the time, he had expected to get realms of reports back that we would have to wade through, to get to the reports that would be are further study. Scot ended up requesting that the inquiry be run back to 1970, and involve not only Idaho, but also Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington states. Because of the magnitude of this search, Scot stated that it would take about one week to get the results back into his department. As a side note, for anyone that is not familiar with the NCIC system, it is a national data bank for Law enforcement agencies all across the United States. It is maintained and controlled by the Federal Burea of Investigation, at FBI headquarters, in Washington D. C.

On the 14th of February, Scott contacted me in person, and appeared very troubled. His exact words were that “something is really screwy, Don.” “I got the request back from NCIC on Monday, and there has gotta be something wrong. They told me that they had NO unsolved murders at all, zero, that met that criteria. THAT ANY FURTHER REQUESTS WILL HAVE TO BE MADE BY VOICE, TELEPHONE CALL, WITH PROPER AUTHORIZATION. Somebody is sitting on something, big as Hell.” I also knew that something was as screwy as hell. After all, anybody that has had any dealing with law enforcement knows about the “Green River Killer” in Washington state. This serial killer is credited with at least 30 to 40 murders of young women, and to this date, the case is as big a mystery as ever. Many of the killings showed some types of mutilation, and if nothing else, at least some of these homicides should have shown up.

Once more, as a side note, I had been warned by a prominent UFOlogist, that there was a lid “screwed down tighter than you would believe in regards to human mutes.” I also was warned that in order to break through the secrecy, was going to be a long and sometimes weary job, but that if enough persistence was applied, then it was possible to get to the bottom of this facet of the UFO enigma. Do I think that this can be solved, along with the rest of the puzzle? Yes, I do, because I think that the secrecy can only be maintained for so long, and then no longer. I also believe very strongly that only if the entire UFO community works in concert will this be accomplished, and the infighting and arguments MUST CEASE for the good of us all.

On the ParaNet system and on Compuserve, I wrote and uploaded a file entitled LIGHT.TXT, and in UFO Magazine Vol. 3, No. 5 I called for a UFO summit to be held in order to get the UFO community organized and to present a unified front. Only by a unified front, and calling for Congressional hearings, will this lid ever get torn off, and the truth that is suppressed be brought to the light of day. Any help from the members will be greatly appreciated, and I can be reached at ParaNet RHO at the following number: 1-208-338-9187 in the USA.

Also I can be reached on Compuserve by EMail, and my user number is: 74270,3360. Anyone with ANY INFORMATION is requested to contact me at the above addresses as soon as possible. The secrecy game has gone on long enough. It is past time to get to the bottom of this. Forty years IS LONG ENOUGH.

Don Ecker The Secrecy Game

by: Tim Swartz

Copyright ©1997 Tim Swartz

Are UFOs responsible for mysterious human mutilations?

Researchers of the UFO phenomenon have openly speculated over the years that if UFOs do represent extraterrestrial visitors, why do they operate in such secrecy? Alleged UFO contactees say that the aliens are friendly and are here to help mankind. However, evidence that extraterrestrials have a sinister, hidden agenda when dealing with Earth’s inhabitants tells a different story. The most obvious example of nefarious UFO activity has to be the mutilation of cattle. The evidence is mostly anecdotal that UFOs are involved with cattle mutilations, but the unusual circumstances surrounding this mystery seem to point to UFOs, or at least UFO-like activity.

Over the years, strange attacks on animals and humans have been recorded and attributed to predators, other humans and even vampires. What makes these incidents similar is the general lack of blood found on the bodies. Primitive man believed that blood was sacred, the source of life in all creatures. When you lost your blood, you lost your life. So it made sense that the life force must be contained in blood. The Old Testament is a good example of ancient beliefs regarding blood. Leviticus 17:14 states, that “the life of every living creature is its blood.” The verse goes on to say that it is forbidden for anyone to eat blood because it is the source of all life.

Because of these early beliefs, man has always had a superstitious horror when dealing with unusual attacks that involve the loss of blood. Throughout history, there have been numerous reports of strange attacks and mutilations that seem to go beyond normal animal predators. In 1874 near Cavan, Ireland, for several months something killed as many as thirty sheep a night, biting their throats and draining the blood. In 1905 at Great Badminton, Avon, sheep were again the target for attacks. A police sergeant in Gloucestershire was quoted in the London Daily Mail, “I have seen two of the carcasses myself and can say definitely that it is impossible for it to be the work of a dog. Dogs are not vampires, and do not suck the blood of a sheep, and leave the flesh almost untouched.” In a single night in March of 1906, near the town of Guildford, Great Britain, fifty-one sheep were killed when their blood was drained from bite wounds to the throats. Local residents formed posses to hunt down whatever was killing their livestock, but nothing was ever caught, and the killings remain a mystery. Events of this kind have probably occurred regularly throughout history. The cases that have received media attention, are those involving a large number of deaths, but there are probably hundreds of smaller attacks that have gone unnoticed over the years.

These strange livestock attacks are eerily similar to the recent attacks by the so-called Chupacabra, which means “goat sucker.” Confining itself chiefly to the southern hemisphere, the Chupacabra has been blamed for numerous attacks on small animals. The animals have had their throats bitten and their blood sucked out by the creature that reportedly stands on two legs, has large black or red eyes and is about four feet tall. Unlike past killings, the Chupacabra has been seen by shocked eyewitnesses whose descriptions seem to describe an animal that superficially resembles the “Grays” of flying saucer lore. As in past cases, attempts to track down the Chupacabra has met with failure. If history is any indication, the Chupacabra will never be caught, and the strange events will remain a mystery. It is as if the mystery mutilators appear out of thin air, do their damage, and then, just as quickly, disappear again.

The mutilation of cattle seems to involve a different set of circumstances then past vampire-like attacks on livestock. While cattle mutilations almost always involve the complete draining of blood, physical mutilation of the flesh is so apparent that seasoned ranchers are shocked by the unusual nature of the deaths. No one really knows when the first unusual cattle mutilations began. Records show that in the middle of 1963, a series of livestock attacks occurred in Haskell County, Texas. In a typical case, an Angus bull was found with its throat slashed and a saucer-sized wound in its stomach. The attacks were attributed to a wild beast of some sort, a “vanishing varmint.” As the attacks continued through the Haskell County area, the unknown attacker assumed mythic proportions and a new name was created, “The Haskell Rascal.” Whatever was responsible for the mutilations was never caught, and the attacks slowly stopped. Throughout the following decade though, there would be similar reports of attacks on livestock. The most prominent of these infrequent reports was the mutilation death of a horse named Lady, in 1967. Area residents of southern Colorado reported UFO activity the night before Lady was found dead, and the consensus was that the unknown craft were somehow responsible.

In 1973 the modern cattle mutilation wave can be said to have begun in earnest. It is interesting to note that a huge UFO flap was occurring across the country in 1973, with many sightings taking place in the same areas that cattle mutilations were happening. In November of 1974, rumors began to connect the sighting of UFOs with mutilated cows that were being found in large numbers in various Minnesota counties. Dozens of UFOs were reported in Minnesota and dozens of cattle were found dead and mutilated. Although the sightings and mutilations were never correlated, many felt that the number of sightings was added proof that the UFOs were somehow involved.

In 1975, an unprecedented onslaught of strange deaths spread across the western two-thirds of the United States. Mutilation reports peaked in that year, accompanied by accounts of UFOs and unidentified helicopters. By 1979, numerous livestock mutilations were also being reported in Canada, primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 1980, there was an increase in activity in the United States. Mutilations have been reported less frequently since that year, though this may be due in part to an increased reluctance to report mutilations on the part of ranchers and farmers. In the 1990’s the mutilations have continued. In the United States, over ten thousand animals have reportedly died under unusual circumstances.

Because of the strange nature of the killings, wild stories and rumors have surfaced over the years in an attempt to explain what is really going on. Chief among these are stories that aliens are harvesting cattle at night for their evil purposes. The extraterrestrials’ preoccupation with cattle is apparently due to the fact that the ET’s absorb nutrients through the skin. The blood that they acquire from the cattle is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria in the mixture, and is “painted” on their skin, allowing absorption of the required nutrients. Supposedly human blood is preferred by the aliens, but cattle blood can be altered to serve the same purpose.

While it may seem far-fetched that animal blood could be used in place of human blood, recent scientific discoveries seem to confirm that animal blood can be altered for human transfusions. According to The Observer, a respected weekly paper in Great Britain. The scientists who helped engineer the first cloned sheep are reportedly close to generating human blood plasma from animals. PPL Therapeutics, the Scottish firm that helped Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute clone a sheep, is developing the means to replace the plasma genes of sheep and cows with the human equivalent. PPL told the paper it plans to raise herds of the animals and manufacture plasma from the proteins extracted from the animals. The Observer quoted Dr. Ron James, the firm’s managing director, as saying. ” Only 5 percent of Britain’s population regularly gives blood. Genetically modified animals could produce 10,000 times more plasma a year than a human donor.”

In 1991 DNX Corp., a Princeton-based biotechnology firm, announced that it had developed genetically engineered, transgenic pigs that produce large quantities of recombinant human hemoglobin. When commercialized, DNX’s blood substitute could provide a cost-effective, virtually unlimited alternative to the human blood supply that is entirely free from the threat of contamination by infectious agents that cause diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis. In addition, DNX’s recombinant hemoglobin-based transfusion product will be universally compatible with all blood types, eliminating the need for blood typing and cross matching, and will have improved shelf-life and storage characteristics. DNX’s announcement was made to the 1991 World Congress on Cell and Tissue Culture in Anaheim, Calif., by John Logan, vice president of research at DNX. Perhaps the wild stories are not so far-fetched after all.

If the stories are true, some would ask why aren’t the aliens catching and mutilating humans instead of animals? The truth could be that human mutilations and deaths are occurring on a regular basis, but that the stories are too horrible to contemplate. If murderous, UFO-related human mutilations have taken place, they have either gone unrecognized for what they really are, or have been adeptly covered up by official intervention. Thousands of people worldwide disappear every year, never to be seen again. A majority of these disappearances can be attributed to homicides or other more comman situations.

However, some disappearances are so unusual and unexplained that more disturbing scenarios must be examined. In 1956 at the White Sands Missile Test Range, an Air Force major reported that he had witnessed a disk shaped flying object kidnap Sgt. Jonathan P. Louette. Louette was missing for three days when his mutilated body was found in the dessert near the test range. Louette’s genitals had been removed and his rectum cored out with surgical precision. Like many cattle mutilations, Louette’s eyes had been removed and all of his blood was missing. The Air Force filed a report stating that Sgt. Louette had died of exposure after being lost in the dessert.

The late Leonard H. Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer wrote in his self-published book, UFO Crash/Retrievals, Status Report No. 6, about the testimony given by a “high ranking Army officer” whom Stringfield says he has known for several years and who is allegedly a “straight shooter.” The officer claimed that while he was in Cambodia during the Vietnam war, his Special Operations group was involved in a fire fight with aliens, whom the soldiers came across sorting human body parts and sealing them into large bins. Subsequently the unit was held for several days and interrogated under hypnosis. The officer claimed that he and his men were given cover memories which only began to surface years later. The implications here are staggering. If this story is true, then the possibility exists that military and government officials are aware of the aliens interests in the physiological makeup of the human body.

In 1989, the mysterious death of a man a decade earlier came to the attention of the MUFON State Director of Idaho, Don Mason. According to the report, in 1979, two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho stumbled across the almost nude body of a man that had been hideously mutilated. The body’s sexual organs had been removed, it’s lips were sliced off, and the blood had been drained. Although the body was found in very rugged country, it’s bare feet were not marked, and no other tracks, animal or human were evident. After the police were notified, an intensive search was mounted and the man’s possessions were recovered miles from where the body was found. No one knows how the body ended up where it was found, or even more importantly, what happened to him. It should be noted that this area over the years, has had many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations.

In Westchester county New York, in 1988, several morgues were broken into late at night. Fresh human bodies had undergone mutilations involving partial removal of the face and total removal of the eyes, stomach, thyroid gland and genitals. An assistant medical examiner who had broken the silence concerning the case, stated that checks were immediately run on the employees who were on duty at the morgues. No links connecting morgue employees with the crimes were found. While there is no evidence that UFOs were responsible for the bizarre incidents, once again we see human bodies being mutilated in the same ways that cattle and other animals are being mutilated.

Another interesting case that has received little publicity in the United States is the Brazilian Guarapiranga reservoir case. Brazilian ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia and Dr. Rubens Goes uncovered a series of sensational photographs obtained from police files. The photos are of a dead man whose injuries are similar to the wounds of countless UFO-related animal mutilation cases. The body had been found near Guarapiranga reservoir on September 29, 1988. The name of the man has been withheld from the media and UFO investigators at the request of his relatives. After studying the photos, Encarnacion Garcia was impressed with how similar the wounds of the body were to those found on the carcasses of so many mutilated animals. The initial police report noted that the body, although extremely mutilated, showed no signs of struggle or the application of bondage of any kind.

The body appeared to be in good condition. Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously. There were no signs of animal predation or decay which might be expected. Strangely, there was no odor to the body. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. In fact, it was noted that there was a general lack of blood found in the body or on the ground around the body. Police photos show that the flesh and lips had been removed from around the mouth, as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations. An autopsy report stated that “the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied.” Removal of these body parts, including the tongue as here, is common enough in animal mutilation cases.

The “surgery” appeared to have been done by someone familiar with surgical procedures. The lack of profuse bleeding suggested the use of a laser-like instrument producing heat, thus immediately cauterizing the edge of the wounds. The autopsy report states that, “The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest. Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs.” The autopsy report continues, “You also find the removal of the belly button leaving a 1.5 inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity showing the removal of the intestines.” The report also noted the victims scrotum had been removed, and that the anal orifice had been extracted with a large incision about 3 to 6 inches in diameter.

It is significant that the police and medical examiners were convinced the holes found in the head, arms, stomach, anus and legs were not produced by bullet wounds. What is most disturbing about the anal incision and the extraction of anal and digestive tract tissue is that it is a carbon copy of the surgery seen in so many UFO-related animal mutilation cases. While no evidence linking the Guarapiranga reservoir mutilation case with UFOs has been found, Brazilian ufologists and police have hinted that there may be at least a dozen or more cases similar to this one. In fact, Brazil has had past incidents where UFOs have reportedly attacked people, and possibly taking blood from them. The July 12, 1977 edition of the JORNAL DA BAHIA reported that, “A fantastic story of a flying object emitting a strong light and sucking blood from people, circulated from mouth to mouth among the population of the counties of Braganca, Vizeu and Augusto Correa in Para’, where many people fear leaving their homes during the night so they won’t get caught by the vampire-like light from the strange object which, according to information, already has caused the death of two men. No one knows how the story started, but the truth is that it reached Bele’m and grabbed headlines in the local newspapers.”

Months later, on October 8, the newspaper O LIBERAL launched the first in a series of reports, about the Chupa-Chupa (suck-suck) phenomenon. “Sucking animal attacks men and women in the village of Vigia: A strange phenomenon has been occurring for several weeks in the village of Vigia, more exactly in the Vila Santo Antonio do Imbituba about 7 kilometers from highway PA-140, with the appearance of an object which focus a white light over people, immobilizing them for around an hour, and sucks the breasts of the women leaving them bleeding. The object, known by the locals as “Bicho Voador” (Flying Animal), or “Bicho Sugador” (Sucking Animal), has the shape of a rounded ship and attacks people in isolation. One of the victims, among many in the area, was Mrs. Rosita Ferreira, married, 46 years old, resident of Ramal do Triunfo, who a few days ago was sucked by the light on the left breast, and passed out. Increasingly it looked like she was dealing with a nightmare, feeling as if there were some claws trying to hold her. She was attacked around 3:30 in the morning. Another victim was the lady known as “Chiquita,” who was also sucked by the strange object with her breast becoming bloody, but without leaving any marks.”

Compared to reports of mysterious animal attacks and mutilations, reports involving humans are somewhat rare. The probable reason is that many such incidents involving people are not recognized for what they are. The possibility is that a massive cover-up by officials world-wide exists to hide the fact that something is preying on humans. If we consider that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, the likely reason for such visitations is scientific exploration. Consider that with billions of galaxies and the likelyhood that there are multitudes of different kinds of life scattered across the universe, the Earth is just another source of specimens for extraterrestrial scientists to gather and study. While man’s ego would like to think that we are special in the universe, the hard reality could be that we are just curiosities to be collected, studied, and possibly exploited, and then finally pickled in a jar someplace with the notation: HUMAN, MOSTLY HARMLESS.

These are the photos from the Brazilian Human Mutilation Case – Again, WARNING – GRAPHIC!!!

The complete set of the forensic color photographs, and the autopsy report, proves that the typical “cattle mutilation” type of wounds were inflicted WHILE THE VICTIM WAS ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS!

It is a horrible fact that, due to its implications, must be divulged in spite of the shocking spectacle presented by the photos.