Anonymous – A Message To Humanity


Published on 18 Jul 2013

Greeting’s citizen’s of the world, We are Anonymous,
The following is a special message for all of humanity.
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Alex Jones Talks to Police, Protesters at Bilderberg


Published on 5 Jun 2013

LIVE coverage:

Alex Jones educates police and talks to protesters at Bilderberg 2013

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Anonymous UK – War On System


Published on 25 Apr 2013

Greetings citizens of United Kingdom.
We have been watching, and waiting,

We make this statement and do not expect to be negotiated with we do not desire to be negotiated with. We understand that due to the actions we take we exclude ourselves from the system within which solutions are found.
There are other people than us, people whose voices emerge from the light, and not the shadows. These voices are already making clear the reforms that have been necessary for some time, and are outright required now.
This time there will be change, or there will be chaos..

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Video for UK Awareness Campaign.



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Anonymous – Message To The Masses


Published on 24 Apr 2013

Do you see the real world around you or are you still living in the illusion the corrupt zionist governemts and lame stream media show you. are you awake and understanding your sad pathetic life is no more than that created for you by the ruling elite.



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Anonymous – Symbiotic Subsistence #OpELE


Published on 10 Mar 2013

Operation ELE:
Symbiotic Sybsistence:…

7,000,000,000 People
7,000,000,000 Human Lives
More than you could ever know in a lifetime
Our species has dominated the Earth with our cities
Our communication networks span the globe
We have pierced the heavens and made the sky our domain
Our massive empire brings light to darkness
Derived from common ancestors
Sisters and Brothers
Too many names to remember we have become


We are the manifestation of the human spirit and we are world wide
As diverse as life itself no label can explain us all
But at the core of our being stands a prevailing idea which holds us together
It is the law of every great society
It is the will of every great deity
It is a binding force
The Ultimate Prescription


The Media profits from our pain
They sell us violence and hate
Money and Power
Lust and Ego
But these things do not endure
They are meaningless and fade away with time
Our true message is eternal and can not be forgotten
It is a message of Peace Love and Unity
Solidarity with every Nation 
Love for all People

Operation ELE



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Impending War With China (TRUNEWS)


Published on Jul 23, 2012 by 

Rick interviews Miles Yu about impending war with China. Doug Hagmann talked about further development in U.S. chaos.

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Humanity’s Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe

Published on Jul 7, 2012 by 

Mankind is at a crossroads. Humanity faces a decision: embrace the dreams of the universe and the fact that humanity is special and has potential, or succumb to the death of domination by a predatory elite bent on wrecking the species and limiting the paradigms of the mind.!/RealAlexJones
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