Crisis Actor Studio prepares for FEMA and DHS event at the Denver International Airport…

Chris Geo

Published on 6 Aug 2013

In May of 2013 we were researching for a film entitled “Crisis Actors: The Evolution of False Flag Terror. To prove that crisis actors are very real, I set up an audition with a studio. After the phone call I contacted FEMA about the upcoming event and FEMA discloses that they are preparing for a drill at the Denver International Airport.

July 29, I received information from that FEMA is doing inventory on survival supplies in the private market.

July 30, I contact FEMA and speak to an insider who disclosed that FEMA is working with the Department of Homeland Security on several possible events. One of those events (drills) is “an attack on an international airport”.

Aug 2, I was given authorization to release this information to the public.

Aug 2 – The US State Department issues a worldwide terror alert and shuts down 22 embassies.

Aug 3 – The US State Department includes domestic international airports in the alert.

This video presents the telephone calls to FEMA and the Crisis Actor studio in May of 2013.