The ExtraTerrestrial Reality Compilation… E.T. They ARE Here!!!


Published on 11 Jul 2013

All credit given to the music compositions employed within this compilation by title and composer:

Nasveratu Andrew Scott Foust

Contagious Hallucinations Andrew Scott Foust 

Theater of the Damned Intro Andrew Scott Foust 

Theater of the Damned Outro Andrew Scott Foust 

Dream Controller Jack Dangers 

Out From Below Andrew Scott Foust

I am not an editor, film maker or an expert on video compilations. I am – what you might describe as, an ordinary person, who was blessed or cursed with an insight into what is occurring in our skies and upon our planet. I have an academic education yet have readily discarded it favouring the pursuit of truth, concerning the E.T. visitors. In fact they are more than visitors in many instances – Animal Mutilations and Human Mutilations stand as an alarming example of what is occurring.

Unfortunately these atrocities against Humanity are real and ever present, yet hushed up – I am not saying this blindly, because what I have thus far discovered through many years of research concerns me greatly. It also saddens me that nothing is being done to help prevent these tragic Human abductions from occurring. I think what both Doctor Steven Greer and Steven Bassett, have each achieved deserves acclaim, but I cannot agree that all those visitors (so called) are benevolent as does Doctor Greer, for there is sadly proof to the contrary.

We need to wake up to the fact that they are here and that our Governments know about it; that our Governments are deliberate in their acts of deception concerning the existence of these evolved races who seem to have their own agenda, involving us, our planet, our planet’s resources, along with the wildlife and vegetation therein. We need the Truth. We need Disclosure. And we need it now…

I apologize for the quality of this video – I am new to YouTube film making, yet I will do my very best to achieve better in any future attempt…. Thank you for your time…