August 4 2013 ➠ ET Visitations & the Shift


Date: 08-04-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Daniel DavisJerome Corsi

Author Daniel Davis discussed extraterrestrial visitation and contacts, prophecies, and a possible shift in consciousness or spirituality that is taking place. There is an undeniable preponderance of evidence for UFOs, he said, citing Steven Greer‘s Disclosure Project as an important source. Davis believes that an official encounter with ETs would be one of the most momentous events in human history, and serve a beneficial purpose, welcoming us into the “cosmic community.” If they wanted to wipe us out, they could have already done so, he noted. While the US government hasn’t been forthcoming, some 23 countries have released official reports on ET contact or UFO incidents, he continued.

Davis suggested that the increase in UFO sightings may be part of a plan to psychologically condition us for their official contact. He connected the ET presence to several of the ‘End Time‘ prophecies, as some of them talk about the return of “gods” or “star brothers.” In regards to a coming shift in consciousness, he related this to a remark Einstein once made about the ‘religion of the future’– one that will make us aware of how evolved we are with one another, and won’t be divisive. Once we have adopted this kind of philosophy, the ETs may consider us worthy of official contact, Davis reasoned.

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