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Anonymous – Message to the Westboro Baptist Church


Published on 19 Dec 2012

Hello, Westboro Baptist Church.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Anonymous.

As you may not have acknowledged our existence, we, on the otherhand, have recognized yours. We have seen your depraved methods of disseminating your message of hate throughout The United States of America. We have witnessed you defaming the memories of those who sacrificed themselves for the security of our nation, disrupting the peace of the educational environment within high schools and universities, breeding hatred within the fragile minds of your own next of kin, desecrating the name of God by protesting in the proximity of churches and synagogues, and mangling the biblical text to conform in accordance with your malevolent cause.

Your pseudo-faith is abhorrent, and your leaders, repugnant. Your impact and cause is hazardous to the lives of millions and you fail to see the wrong in promoting the deaths of innocent people. You are self-appointed servants of God who rewrite the words of His sacred scripture to adhere to your prejudice. Your hatred supersedes your faith, and you use faith to promote your hatred.

Since your one-dimensional thought protocol will conform not to any modern logic, we will not debate, argue, or attempt to reason with you. Instead, we have unanimously deemed your organization to be harmful to the population of The United States of America, and have therefore decided to execute an agenda of action which will progressively dismantle your institution of deceitful pretext and extreme bias, and cease when your zealotry runs dry. We recognize you as serious opponents, and do not expect our campaign to terminate in a short period of time. Attrition is our weapon, and we will waste no time, money, effort, and enjoyment, in tearing your resolve into pieces, as with exposing the incongruity of your distorted faith.

Anonymous possesses a plethora of information within our network about the many divisions of Christianity and numerous other religious doctrines. Many of us are versed in the biblical text, and we can identify each and every of your violations of scripture. You abuse the Holy Bible which you do not fully comprehend and know not of the thousands of authors to impose upon other people when you can simply coalesce with your loved ones and live in the manner you deem plausible. You engage in reciprocal fornication with another man and preach adultery as a sin. You, Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper violated Deuteronomy 5:18. As a result, your son Sam is the living, breathing proof of your act of simple loneliness. Simply put, it takes not a genius to realize an arrogant woman’s loose moral string, and its predilection to progressively wither and fray.

From the time you have received this message, our attack protocol has past been executed and your downfall is underway. Do not attempt to delude yourselves into thinking you can escape our reach, for we are everywhere, and all-seeing, in the same sense as God. We are a body of individuals who fight for a purpose higher than self, and seek to bring the malevolent intent of the malefactors to light.

We will not allow you to corrupt the minds of America with your seeds of hatred. We will not allow you to inspire aggression to the social factions which you deem inferior. We will render you obsolete. We will destroy you. We are coming.

Everyone is equal.
Anonymous is for Freedom
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.




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Guests include Darrin Smith, Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Lee Tien, Pastor Benham, Ray Comfort, Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, Lt. Gary Ross from NORAD, Larry Grossman, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Oregon State scientist James Peterson, Brian Rooney, South African farmer Angus Buchan, James Delingpole, Pat Boone, Rep. Sally Kern (R-OK), Norma McCorvey (Roe vs Wade), Brion McClanahan, Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA), Rep. Jim Guest (R-MO), Rep. Babette Josephs (D-PA), Tim Gram (Media Research Institute), U.S Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and talk show host Rusty Humphries.


Tuesday June 16, 2009

Guest: Darrin Smith

Topic: Darrin Smith shares a vision concerning the future of America


Monday June 22, 2009

Guest: Lee Tien and Pastor Flip Benham

Topic: Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Lee Tien discusses the FCC’s warrantless household searches and Pastor Benham joins us to talk about hate crimes legislation


Tuesday June 23, 2009

Guest: Ray Comfort and former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer

Topic: Perversion and immorality in media and the ongoing problems with Child Protective Services…


Wednesday June 24, 2009

Guest: Lt. Gary Ross from NORAD and Larry Grossman

Topic: Lt. Gary Ross of NORAD briefs us on the recent exercises performed simulating a nuclear strike and disease outbreaks. Larry Grossman joins us to talk about the FDIC, pensions, and offshore investment


Thursday June 25, 2009

Guest: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), James Peterson, Brian Rooney

Topic: US Senator Inhofe is leading the opposition of the largest bureaucratic land grab attempt in a generation, Oregon State scientist James Peterson talks about the latest research to combat the UG-99 fungus’ effect on the world’s wheat crops, and Brian Rooney tells us about the ACLU’s attack on military crosses


Friday June 26, 2009

Guest: Angus Buchan

Topic: Faith Like Potatoes is an inspiring true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, and is set in the turbulent hills of South Africa. Angus’ manic quest for material success was slowly transformed into a wild love for God and people, as he wrestles with faith, hope, natural disasters and tragic personal loss.


Monday June 29, 2009

Guest: James Delingpole

Topic: Obamanomics are leading America into socialism

Book: “Welcome to Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future And It Doesn’t Work


Tuesday June 30, 2009

Guest: Pat Boone

Topic: Pat Boone is sounding the alarm for people who are serious about their Judeo-Christian religion. The end of our religious freedom in America could be at hand.


Wednesday July 1, 2009

Guest: Rep. Sally Kern(R-OK), Norma McCorvey and Pastor Flip Benham

Topic: Rep. Sally Kern has issued a Proclamation for Morality in which she rightfully blames the nation’s current economic and other problems on the sins of this nation. Norma McCorvey (Roe V. Wade) and Pastor Flip share the testimony of Norma’s conversion to Christianity and the pro-life movement

VIDEO News 9 Oklahoma

Norma McCorvey information link

SHOW #10

Friday July 3, 2009

Guest: Brion McClanahan and Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA)

Topic: Author Brion McClanahan proves that the Founders had a better understanding of the problems we face today than do our own hopelessly liberal and painfully self-serving current administration. Congressman Forbes joins us to talk about the Christian faith our nation was founded upon

SHOW #11

Monday July 6, 2009

Guest: Rep. Jim Guest (R-MO), Rep. Babette Josephs (D-PA), and Tim Gram

Topic: Legislators are creating laws that would ban the forcing of microchip implants in humans. Also, Tim Gram from the Media Research Institute joins us to talk about the media’s obsessive infactuation with Barak Obama

SHOW #12

Thursday July 16, 2009

Guest: U.S Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and talk show host Rusty Humphries

Topic: Sen. DeMint joins us to talk about ways the American people can help halt the slide into socialism and Rusty Humphries discusses the threat from our nations enemies abroad and within


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