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Published on 16 Apr 2013

Hello citizens of the world. We are anonymous.

This is an urgent. A new and terrible thing is happening in the west coast central African nation of Gabon, increasing every year to the silence of the world as politicians and media.

The most gruesome murders are happening to children, men and women with total impunity. In a country where the president of Gabon (Ali Bongo) puts the army on every street corner, every night these murders are called ritual killings, and they are performed in a horrible manner in order to harvest spare parts. The sex, ears, tongue, nose, heart, kidney, blood, flesh and skin. These body parts are then sold to powerful people who have promised youth, health, wealth, promotion, success and especially honor n’ power in exchange for organs of a child. 

Killings escalate when an election or political nominations are near. on March 17, 2013. Asema stride, a 7 year old girl was killed and left without eyes or lips; And her blood sucked out. How can crimes of this scale continue to be unpunished. The answer is because the criminals are the ones ruling the country. Silence encourages the expenantiol growth in ritual murders.

On April 13 the brave people of Gabon will try to march in protest of these killings and to honor the victims. They have once more been denied permission to protest and the world refuses to report on them. 

On April 17th, Ali Bongo will be in the united states to meet with Barack Obama.

We are asking you to join us urgently, to demand justice and put an end to the impunity and joy who commit endurity horrors.

On April 6th the people of Gabon were forced to delay their peaceful march and the people of Lyon, France protested for them. If the people of Gabon are again prevented from marching, anonymous will protest for them. 

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