The Bilderbergs


Published on 9 Jun 2013

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin joined John B. Wells to discuss the secretive and powerful Bilderberg Group and their designs for the future of humanity. In the first hour, Alex Jones provided an update from the U.K. on this weekend’s Bilderberg meeting.



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Alex Jones Coverage of the Bilderberg Meeting Playlist!

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Published on 5 Jun 2013

A BBC reporter admitted her job was to “provoke” Alex Jones following an interview in which the reporter attempted to characterise Bilderberg as a conspiracy theory.

Alex Jones Speaks Live at Bilderberg 2013, Plus Live Link…


Published on 9 Jun 2013

Alex Jones addresses the huge crowd at Bilderberg 2013.

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BBC, Alex Jones at Bilderberg


Published on 5 Jun 2013

The BBC arrived at Bilderberg 2013 and began demonizing everyone as conspiracy theorists.

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Alex Jones Talks to Police, Protesters at Bilderberg


Published on 5 Jun 2013

LIVE coverage:

Alex Jones educates police and talks to protesters at Bilderberg 2013

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Exposing the Bilderberg Group & the New World Order!


Published on 14 Apr 2013

The Bilderberg Group is just one of the many political organizations that operate in secret – out of view from the public. They have historic ties to the Nazi Party and have an international membership.
According to an “In-depth Report” on the Bilderberg Group found on the CBC news webside, their goal is “to provide a forum where influential people could meet and talk about ways that help promote understanding on both sides of the Atlantic – and prevent future wars.” 

They go on to state in this article that, “The idea was to create an informal network of influential people who could consult each other privately and confidentially. They could focus on what their countries had in common and bounce ideas off each other that could make life better for everyone.”


Is this the New World Order?

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Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (5-15-13) Full Show


Published on 15 May 2013

On the Wednesday, May 15 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes a closer look at the controversies engulfing the White House as details concerning the Benghazi attack, the IRS‘ targeting of Conservative groups and the Justice Department‘s AP phone tapping scandal begin to surface. On today’s show, Alex will detail the various crimes of the Obama administration, and his staff’s bumbling attempts to cover them up by claiming ignorance. Alex also breaks down the emerging police state, as witnessed in a viral video shot in California, and why events like this will be the new normal in the Soviet States of America.

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