Sergeant, Police Officer: VACCINES KILL BABIES & parents being blamed for ‘SD’

Written and Published on 21 May 2016 by EX0MATRlXTV

Former Sergeant of Police Chris Savage was working in the Queensland Police Service from 1990 to 2012 and he was harmed in October 1989 by the Hep B vaccine. This woke him up to the danger of vaccines and during his career he attended sudden deaths of babies after vaccines. He asked the parents what the baby’s health was like in the 2 months prior to vaccination, they recalled their baby was healthy, eating and sleeping was normal until the vaccination, when all hell broke loose with inconsolable crying, convulsions, seizures and ultimately death. Brainwashed police are accusing the parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Parents who found there baby deceased and picked the child up to gently shake the child awake were immediately accused of SBS. Then the police would rely on pro vaccine doctor’s medical evidence to convict the parent or baby sitter. On all the post mortems the SIDS, SUDI or SBS all had Cerebral Cortex inflammation and swelling which causes the brain to push against the skull, Artery Compression would lead to bursting leaving the child to be severely injured or indeed to die.

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Professor of Biology Dr Russell Blaylock -Warning to all!!

Dr. Suzanne Humphries on The Dangers of Vaccines




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