Secret Societies, The New World Order and the Dark Agenda! Repost…

Secret Societies, The New World Order and the Dark Agenda! Repost….

UFO: The Reports, The Testimony, The Analysis, The Abduction Scenario…

UFO: The Reports, The Testimony, The Analysis, The Abduction Scenario….

Silent Contemplation…

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Surface Of The Sun – by John Murphy
[Composition From Sunshine’s OST]

This is an upload I came across a few years ago, I found it to be both awe inspiring and thought provoking. The music compliments the photography and the photography the music… Enjoy…

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UFO video Short: Filmed Sightings 2


Published on 8 Dec 2014

Every year, on a daily and weekly basis, someone somewhere observes something spectacular in the day or evening sky. Sometimes they have a camera, a camcorder or other visual recording devices such as mobile phones. Then they film what they are witnessing in order to share it with us.

Their visual evidence is often met with ridicule, in some cases with scorn; and an added insult to these genuine witnesses are from those who hoax, who upload fake UFO footage claiming it to be real.

This video is for the genuine witnesses who have filmed and shared these sightings with us, in the hope that someone somewhere, perhaps in their Government, may be brave enough to ride the storm of ridicule and demand answers to the very real truth of a non-terrestrial existence, non-terrestrials who own a technology enabling them to frequent ours skies…



The Best UFO Cases Ever Caught On Tape

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Published on 19 Aug 2013

Who is watching Who?




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“Compelling” – Steven Spielberg, “The Real Close Encounters – Larry Kind, CNN. “The most compelling film on the subject to date.” – Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut. Government and Military Officials reveal the truth about UFOs. The most credible UFO witnesses from around the world tell stories that challenge reality in I KNOW WHAT I SAW, a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director James Fox brings together the testimony of Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries; their accounts reveal the reasons those involved at the highest levels have chosen government secrecy over public disclosure in I KNOW WHAT I SAW…

Ariel School UFO Encounter – Ruwa, Zimbabwe…

Joy S. Gilbert

In 1994, Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John E. Mack, M.D. traveled to Zimbabwe with research associate Dominique Callimanopulos to study one of the most extraordinary UFO sighting/alien encounter cases in modern history.

At the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, sixty-two children between the ages of eight and twelve reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during morning recess. Dr. Mack, who died in 2004, wrote about this in his 1999 book Passport to the Cosmos, and he shared 3 minutes of clips from the original video recordings of his interviews with the students on the television programs Sightings in 1996 (2 minutes and 51 seconds, to be exact).

In 2007, at the request of the John E. Mack Institute, filmmaker Randall Nickerson and Dominique Callimanopulos began production of an edited video program that would present all of John Mack’s interviews with the schoolchildren and faculty, digitally remastered from the original Betacam footage that was shot between November 28 and December 6, 1994. This footage demonstrated the skill and sensitivity Dr. Mack exercised when working with people who reported extraordinary experiences — and the power of the students’ testimony never failed to move.

In 2008-2009 Nickerson spent 9 months in Africa, discovering new witnesses that corroborate the students’ accounts. In England, he interviewed BBC reporter Tim Leech who was on the scene within days of the sighting, who first brought the case to the attention of Dr. Mack.The film became a consuming passion of Nickerson’s, and he set about broadening the scope far beyond expectations.