The End of Days Revelation

The Grim Reality of the Last Days” by John MacArthur…





4 Comments on “The End of Days Revelation”

  1. spookchristian says:

    can john Mc Arthur really be trusted with a bible..??
    wasn’t he teaching that it is ok to take the mark of the beast.?If he was.. then you need to find another bible teacher..

    • Panoffolin says:

      I think what he was suggesting is that God’s forgiveness is beyond what we imagine it to be. It was his interpretation, and not, I may add, necessarily shared by me. My aim in showing this particular excerpt, however, was to reveal what we are up against in these very tense and terrible times, and to show how the twisting and manipulation of religion, in order to fit in with satanic ideology, is abundant, and aiming in one direction.

      If you have visited my blog site before then you’ll know that I abhor what is occurring upon our planet within corporations, media, education, in fact – along with the manipulation and infiltration of nearly all of the institutions pertaining to our daily lives, and to the indoctrination embedded therein. This excerpt was only a pointer to show how the minority few in the darker side of society, who have gained power through the ages, manipulate us wrongly with that power. Nothing more. Their religious doctrine is an Evil upon this world.

      • spookchristian says:

        So, why did John McArthur directly contradict, the clear teachings of Scripture..

        from Rev 13,, it is perfectly clear, that it is absolutely important, NOT TO take the mark of the beast..

        If Mr McArthur is teaching the opposite of that.. perhaps, you need to find a different pastor..?

        I abhor what is going on in the world as well.. but I do not use it as an excuse to contradict Scripture..

        Yes..Gods forgiveness is limitless,, but not at the expense of His Word..!!

        KJV / AV 1611

  2. Panoffolin says:

    I did say in my reply ” It was his interpretation, and not, I may add, necessarily shared by me.”, I thought his address in this particular excerpt was relevant to point out the truth of what is occurring in society in association with the book of revelations. That is all. I’m not debating the rights and wrongs concerning his remarks about the mark of the beast, and I am most certainly not using the above excerpt as an excuse to contradict scripture.

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