Crop Circles — Messages in the Fields

THRIVE Movement

Published on 12 Jul 2014

Thousands of extraordinary geometric patterns have appeared in crop fields in more than 50 countries throughout the world. The crops are not cut or broken, but are laid flat, sometimes six inches above the ground, and swirled into a precise and exquisite pattern. These astonishing formations are referred to as crop circles.

This clip from THRIVE includes a visual collage of some of the patterns to help give a sense of the magnitude and sophistication of these circles, and to inspire others to consider the implications. As described in THRIVE, we believe the suppression of the UFO phenomena—including the official denial of non-human made crop circles—goes hand in hand with the suppression of revolutionary new energy technologies that threaten to undercut the trillion-dollar profits still to be made from the current fossil fuel and nuclear based economy.

How are off-world beings getting here? Clearly they’re not dependent on fossil fuels, which means there is a way to obsolete that technology and the economy built on it.



Steven Greer: The Truth About the End of NASA’s Shuttle Program


Published on 26 Jun 2013

Dr. Greer and Dr. Ted Loder discuss NASA’s future and what is really going on with the termination of the Shuttle program. What is known, and by whom, of projects so much further advanced than what NASA shows the public? Why are these advances kept from the public and what are the implications?