The UFO Cover Up in 10 Minutes

Published on 23 Jun 2014

Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up, but it’s not your average lecture.





3 Comments on “The UFO Cover Up in 10 Minutes”

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    Every know and then, a human being accidentally or by sheer luck” Gets to see a UFO. I did and it changed my life forever. No longer do I question the existence of intelligent life elsewhere. I can not prove it, but I have been very close to a space craft. It was completely silent and maneuvered in ways that defy gravity and physics. I know that we are being visited.

  2. A very good synopsis.
    Some details missing such as the dummies in 1947. That project wasn’t operational until 1953.
    The real tragedy has been the ridicule and lost opportunity for so many people who know what they saw. Governments will be eternally viewed as suspect about what they say. Epic dishonesty and lies…..

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    Doesn’t this sound just like your government?

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