UFO VIDEO: Filmed Sightings 2

I only have access to footage that is a Creative Commons attribute, therefore, I am limited with what I can publish. Nevertheless,I urge all who wish to share footage of this nature to do so under a Creative Commons License – the larger the library the more visual insight, concerning UFO activity will be readily available.

We all need to take note about what is occurring upon our planet, particularly were Unidentified Flying Objects are concerned. Are they non-terrestrial craft? If so are they malevolent or benevolent? My answer to that is simple – many are of non-terrestrial origin, and many are benevolent, whilst many are far from it!

Do our governments know about them? Simple answer – yes!


4 Comments on “UFO VIDEO: Filmed Sightings 2”

  1. Hi from “The Night Tracker”, Your video that I just saw, was great and they are on the move
    all around the world. I have been tracking these ET’S for the past 30 years over Lake
    Michigan. You can follow my research on Facebook called: “The Night Tracker”.
    Soon! Mankind shall know the truth about our world. Keep up the great work Hidden

    Robert N. Clark
    (aka) The Night Tracker

  2. […] UFO VIDEO: Filmed Sightings 2 […]

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