Alien Encounters…

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Uploaded and written by SuspectSky

Published on 3 Apr 2014

Just a few months into the year 2014 and the world has already seen strange lights in the sky and eerie encounters with extraterrestrials inside our communities. With video evidence of UFO spotlights beaming down to the surface and triangular formations cutting through clouds – it appears as if the UFO phenomenon continues unabated – but where does it lead? And what is its purpose?

Footage includes the pursuit of an unidentified object through the streets of New York City, a UFO above Los Angeles during the recent earthquake, a dual shimmering light over the ocean, and alleged home invasions by unknown alien beings. 

What is the meaning behind ancient symbols left here on Earth and on the Moon – and is there a connection to today’s encounters? Are there not only entities performing bizarre maneuvers in our skies – maneuvers so alien in purpose that they cannot be understood by human minds – but further, is it possible that those orchestrating these unknowns are covertly operating just beyond our own homes?




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    I have had personal contact with Aliens and Alien Technology. They are not what you think they are.

    • Panoffolin says:

      Would you mind elaborating on this, I’m curious, best regards…

      • Sadly, Telling someone the truth never seems to have the effect you might expect, and unless you have a first hand encounter with an alien, or their technology…. It is almost impossible to believe, and it is impossible for me to prove.

        Having said that, I would tender to you this truth.

        I experienced an actual sighting of a aircraft or ship, and witnessed a being that is capable of appearing and disappearing. I have been fortunate enough to encounter both of these events first hand and up close.
        Once you see it,the question is over. Trying to live with it afterwards is the perplexing part, I keep expecting them to return, but years have passed now, I still keep an eye and my mind open, hoping to catch a glimpse again.
        I can not prove it, but from one human being to another. It is the truth.
        We are being visited, there are resources here that they come for. They don’t seem to be very interested in direct contact with humanity and we are no threat to them.
        They spend a great deal of time looking for old relics from ancient civilizations. Many artifacts from ancient Native American civilizations and DNA from human remains is harvested as well. I don’t know why it is done, I can only say that I believe that was their purpose, and I witnessed it accidentally.
        Not at any time, did I feel afraid, or in danger. I should have,because I was witnessing events that were beyond my comprehension, and my interpretation of what their intent was, could be wrong. it was after all a unique and exciting experience for me. I was sober, and not suffering any illness at the time.

        Many people claim that there have been increases in sightings, but from my perspective, they seem to have abandoned this area. I have not had any sight of anything for years. I will make this statement… They resemble what some might call an Angel, or winged creature.

      • Panoffolin says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it is greatly appreciated. Myself, I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed these craft on four occasions during my life – I am now in my mid 50s. I will detail two of them because they have a relevance to what you have described, namely that you felt no fear whilst being a witness to these occurrences. With one of these sightings I felt no fear at all, in dire contrast, however, to the other sighting which was completely different in every respect…

        During the summer of 1968 at around 2:00 am, travelling on a motorway in the south of Britain, with my mother, father and brother – heading for Dover, which was our holiday destination, I witnessed airborne craft which can only be described as what we term as UFOs. It was a clear night and the sky was littered with stars.

        I was 8 years of age, my brother 3 years younger. He was sitting on the back passenger seat, with my mother sitting on the front passenger seat – both were fast asleep, I was sitting behind my father. I leant my head against the car door window and looked upward taken in by the spectacular array of stars in the night sky. Now, obviously I couldn’t see directly above the car, but only at an angle – if above the car is 12-0-clock, then my angled observation would be 1-0-clock. It was at this angle that I noticed a red dot of light, and as I observed, it slowly became larger as if descending. But this was only a gradual process.

        When it became larger than a dot of light and larger than the brightest of stars I was able to detect, I excitedly told my father. I requested that he stop the car so that he could see for himself what I was witnessing. Unfortunately, his response was in the negative, ” It must be an aeroplane, it can’t be anything else, son!” he informed me, and he continued to drive. (This was the time period when Sci-fi series like “The Invaders” and “Star Trek” were prominent on our TV screens, and to many UFOs were nothing more than a figment of an over imaginative or disturbed mind, particularly so in Britain.)…

        I tried waking my brother, but to no avail, so I unwound the car door window I had previously leant against, before sticking my head out of it in order to get a better view and look at the object as it descended. The object had grown, and what had formally been a point of red light growing to a small globe of red light, had descended even lower, revealing three large red lights, which formed a triangular shape – located at its centre was another, smaller, circular red globe of light. In spite of being 8 years of age, I remember thinking to myself that this was one object, and not a number of individual objects in an elaborate formation. I still stand by that assumption today. It was most definitely one solid object!

        My father was travelling at a speed between 70 to 80 mph, the wind almost took my breath away as I looked up in awe at this object. It descended even further until it appeared to be only 30 or forty feet above our car. It was large, being about 30 feet from point to point – at least that is how I remember its size. It hovered there for a moment, then started to ascend, but this time at great speed.

        As it rapidly ascended another point of red light quickly descended from the same location as the first, again revealing a triangular shaped craft – it was in every respect the same as the first craft. As this one rapidly ascended yet another descended again, employing the same manoeuvres as the other two. When this craft rapidly ascended, another started to descend but this time stopped suddenly, halfway it seemed, before ascending to the other three craft, which by then were so high they only appeared as one point of red light. They all soon disappeared from view, leaving only the stars in the clear night sky above.

        I will never forget it for as long as I live. I didn’t feel threatened in anyway nor held any concern for my family’s safety. My father is still alive today and now regrets not stopping the car.

        I have never made this public until now, in reply to you.

        I will recount the second sighting by adding it to this reply later tomorrow, and as I have already intimated this encounter was in stark contrast to what I have recounted above…

        Thanks again, and my very best of regards to you…

      • Thanks for sharing your story. I also noted the ability of the aircraft to maneuver in ways that an airplane simply could not. The UFO has the ability to ascend or descend at an alarming rate, and with great ease. I noted in my experience, that the UFO is completely silent and no visible means of propulsion. It is a life changing event , to be sure. I look forward to hearing the rest of your account. Best to you

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    Weird stuff!

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