The Commander X Lecture: The New World Order & U.F.O.s…


Uploaded 16 Mar 2014

This video is uploaded, please watch…

There is a written introduction to this lecture and to (pseudonym) Commander X, himself, at the beginning of this video.

He talks about what many of us know to be the truth – those who are no longer a symptom of the indoctrinated Deception which has been imposed upon us, as opposed to those of us who are still unaware…

Much of what he says reflects, in many respects, the lectures of controversial whistle Blower, William Cooper; particularly concerning the N.W.O., its origins, along with the aspirations of its founders – the Illuminati – a secret society which infiltrated the Masonic Institution.

I, along with many others, through historical research, believe this to be not a theory of an over imaginative mindset, but an actual fact which has surfaced into our present day political, global, structure.

Consequently, political and corporate authority was achieved, progressively spanning its abhorrent venture to all of the western world. Freedom and Liberty – our moral rights, are slowly but surely being taken from us. Commander X elaborates upon this in this lecture.

Myself, I do not know whether he is the real deal, so to speak – or not, but what I do know is what I have briefly described above as being true, is true. Thank you, regards, panoffolin…

(footnote: My views upon the UFO/ET reality may differ from the views of C’Xs, nevertheless they are an integral part of the reality we live in today..!)

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