TheAnonMessage: The Truth…


Published on 15 Mar 2014


Greetings citizens of the world, I am TheAnonMessage.

To make it clear to both the collective, the media, and the people, I am only speaking on behalf of myself in this particular video.

As the main administrator in this channel, I must take full responsibility to rid darkness and to shine both light and clarification to the matter at hand. To come both clean, and just.

As all of you may or may not know, The old TheAnonMessage YouTube channel has been infiltrated and intercepted by federal affiliated agencies. On behalf of the anonymous collective, we ask for you to boycott, unsub, and to flag it down. This YouTube channel, TheAnonMessenger, is our final front. There will be no more plan B scenarios. No more backups or retaliation. This channel will be our final venture.

The citizens of all nations have thought that the message has ceased. Ever since the fall of the old YouTube channel, TheAnonMessage, that is now being used for profit, and falseness, the message, went silent. But now, its back, and resurrection is only the beginning of a message that proves that it will never purge.

As messenger of the anonymous collective I must clarify on one subject before we move into another chapter, before we move into more important messages, operations and projects that were under the works by the anonymous collective while I and my operators were under.

Needless to say, let us get to the point.

One year ago, there were rumors and news going about the anonymous collective that I was deceased.

I am here to warn the people that it is false. All, of it, was false.

I am here to conclude, that both tricks and lies, will never have its way in this channel like it is currently in the old TheAnonMessage YouTube channel.

I, was never dead.

To clarify, The underground operation was to divert the people’s attention to TheAnonMessage YouTube channel.

The people needed a megaphone that was not biased or funded by power hungry corporations.

An outlet that had a people’s agenda.

A channel that was handled by the people, for the people.

The attention was a success.

Yet. Soon after the release of that particular video, TheAnonMessage channel, was hacked.

Federal agencies saw this as an open door. To discredit both the channel, and to make both a mockery of me, and the anonymous collective.

We saw it coming, but we were to late to act upon it.

Hence, I sincerely apologize, for deceiving both the collective, the media, and the people.

I ask for you to handle this diplomatically and with an open mind.

I am not asking for forgiveness, yet I am asking you to never forget.

As I’ve stated, I along with my operators went dark. Yet. We planned and organized. And we made this new channel, TheAnonMessenger. And to yet again prove my legitimacy, you can redirect to the Twitter account that is only handled by me, which is @TheAnonMessage ( And to yet again clarify, I am speaking on behalf of myself only, not, the anonymous collective as an entity, or my operators.

This is our last defense.

Anonymous, is the last defense.

Citizens of all nations. A new chapter has been opened.

And this is just the beginning, of the end.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
United As one.
Divided by zero.

Anonymous is an idea that cannot be broken. even, by traitors.