The Gray States!!!


Uploaded on 2 Mar 2014

This compilation video is an address to all the stifling limitations and restrictions placed on each and everyone of us in today’s society. The U.S.A. reflects much of what is occurring in the western world. Yet all eyes are focused with deep concern upon this great nation, as it seems to be the centre-point of scrutiny concerning the diminishing of civil-rights, freedoms and liberties…

Footnote: I have recently uploaded a substantial amount of videos on my YouTube channel, which I have shared on this WordPress Blog Site, the subjects ranged from RFID chip implants to Chemtrails and HAARP, not to forget UFO witness statements. The World is changing, and we are faced with many eye-opening revelations in the years to come.

Please share my videos and copy them and re-upload them when possible. Thank you for supporting my Blog Site and for supporting me – I refuse to make money from my uploaded videos and always will. Best of regards to you all and thank you again!