URGENT: Anonymous Press to be homeless, we ask for your help.

Greetings citizens of the globe, we are anonymous. 

We are here with you today to address to you of an operator among the anonymous collective. 

An anon, has fallen, and quite frankly, we are here to help him/her the best way that we can. 

Some may know him/her, others may not. 

The twitter name is @anonymouspress. An anon that, dearly, worked as an independent activist for over 5 years. 

Tomorrow, sadly, he or she will be homeless. 

Yet the anonymous collective does not stand idly by when a comrade is underground, we helps those that need help. 

We are here with you today to ask for a small donation towards the anonymous press, to help its Independence, and activism. And for it to keep working in future times. 

We are calling upon the anonymous collective to make a small donation towards this twitter account that has garnered over 100 thousand followers. 

We are anonymous, and when someone needs help, we are there, let us place politics aside and focus on the matter at hand, which is humanity and unification. 

We are anonymous, we are legion, we never forgive, we never forget, united as one divided by zero, for all of you that has donated already, we thank you.
Excuse the poor quality of the video, this was an urgent press release that needed to be addressed fast.


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