Rise of a New World Order [Part 1] – 9/11 Conspiracy


Published on 11 Jan 2014

There are many tragic mysteries surrounding the events of 9/11. Was it a conspiracy by the powers that be to usher in the new millennium according to their NWO agenda? The contradictions of the official report on what happened on 9/11 demand serious attention and answers from our leaders.

In Part 1 of Rise of a New World Order, we examine the bizarre qualities of our government’s response to the tragedy. Why was our air defense crippled by war-games involving hijacked airliners being flown into buildings? Why does recently declassified radio transmissions and radar contacts show the “hijacked” planes flying in formation with unknown aircraft? Why does radar show Flight 93 still airborne after it “crashed”? Why is the damage so inconsistent in terms of destructive power between the WTC, Pentagon, and Shanksville crash sites? What is attached to the bottom of the hijacked planes? Why couldn’t our air defense call out using the telephones to scramble fighters?

Is it possible our government switched the civilian airliners with remote controlled drone aircraft, before crashing them into their targets? This video presents evidence that seems to indicate that may be what happened, and makes a stunning prediction of where our world is going, and has been going, in the 13 years since 9/11. We cover, in virtually chronological order, the horror of 9/11 unfold, but we do so from the perspective of not just blindly accepting the government’s story. ALL of these questions were asked on the very day of 9/11. In the words of the media itself, there were car bombs, van bombs, secondary explosions, implosions, phantom jets, and more – yet through the passage of time, we the American people have simply stopped asking for the truth and demanding answers.

Perhaps it is time to reopen the case.



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4 Comments on “Rise of a New World Order [Part 1] – 9/11 Conspiracy”

  1. ahaver1 says:

    And how do buildings fall into a neat footprint and mostly turn to dust?

  2. claudetunes says:

    A subject that interests me greatly, thanks for the share davidellis51. I have also liked what Dr Judy Wood has had to say about what happened on 9-11, watching her videos and lectures on what she thinks happened on that day, are what finally convinced me that my suspicions that something about it was wrong, were actually right! If that makes sense?

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