Anonymous: #OpNov5th Aftermath & #OpSafeWinter Speech


Published on 6 Dec 2013

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Transcript / InfoSec
(On November 5th, 2013… the citizens of the world made their voices heard. This is only the beginning…

Greetings citizens of the world,

We should all remember remember the 5th of November, the day the Earth stood still. One people united together, a symbol of humanities strong will. The battle only just begun, yet already so close to being won. Now we stand at the crossroads of history, ready to embrace our destiny.

This past 5th of November showed unity on a scale world wide. From Japan, to the Philippines, to Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, in over 400 cities world wide people stood as one and made their collective voice heard! We all made it clear this is our planet, and corruption, greed, & injustice are never forgotten, nor accepted by the citizens of the world.

Few mainstream media outlets covered the events of November 5th, 2013. Nevertheless, the powers that be know what happened on that day and an impact was made. In the words of Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”. We’ve seen them ignore us, we’ve seen them laugh at us, we’ve seen them fight us, and now they’re seeing us win.

Even in the darkest hours never stop believing in the power you hold. For the true power always lies in the people, never the governments and/or corporations. Remember any day can be the 5th of November, what matters isn’t the date, it’s humanity’s spirit. For example, this winter season small acts of kindness for those less fortunate can go a long way.

Currently there’s an on going operation called “#OpSafeWinter” which focuses on helping those in need. Food banks need donations of food and water. In addition, for someone without a place to stay a simple pair a socks will go a long way. The things we take for granted are often what many pray to have. Shelter, a warm meal, blankets, even clean water, millions of people world wide are going without them, and some are dieing because of it.

These are issues that are solvable today! Lets take that energy of the 5th of November and apply it everyday in our everyday lives. Rather than waiting for things to change for the better, be the change. A small act of kindness multiplies fast and soon becomes a beacon of hope, unity, and progress that lights the road for generations to come.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We can Forgive,
Yet we shall never Forget,
Expect us.

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3 Comments on “Anonymous: #OpNov5th Aftermath & #OpSafeWinter Speech”

  1. ravenskeeper says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Don’t forget to include the animals of the world, there are so many out there needing YOUR voice, YOUR compassion, YOUR help, and YOUR humanity. Peace Ravernskeeper.

  2. peter henke says:

    Absolutely, but never reported and the following day us good little slaves went back to work, our corrupt governments continued selling off the people’s possessions, to “pay” off a non exist ant debt. It’s got to be continual otherwise nothing is really changed.

    Sent from my iPad

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