An apology owed to all of you…

For the past 2 or 3 weeks I have not posted anything on my blog site, apart from Art Bell’s Dark Matter – which was really out of loyalty for a friend. Other than that, nothing! I am afraid I lost heart, and the drive I normally possess had all but gone. I became lethargic for want of a better word, and as a consequence switched myself off from everything.

I felt dismay with those deceptive people who wish to muddy the water of Truth . Those secretive shadowy figures of affluence who really do control our planet; added, also, with a magnitude of disdain for certain members of the public, who knowingly falsify information and report it as being truthful. Why the latter do this I’m unsure – maybe  they desire to make a name for themselves, make money, or both, who knows? Yet I found it all very disquieting, disconcerting and deeply sad, sad that our lives have been subjected to this manner of deceitful bombardment.

Misinformation is a hazard we all face, and those misinforming us might genuinely believe what they are saying to be true, and in that case should be forgiven. For they, themselves, have been deceived. Disinformation, on the other hand,  is created for the specific purpose to mislead, to give a false sense of reality hence security to the vast amount of people not yet ready to wake up – and these intelligences go to great lengths, at tax payers cost, and at Human cost, to get their propaganda out into society’s domain in order to keep their agendas ongoing and secret, and to keep the public in ignorance. To me this is not only abhorrent but immoral as well.

Conspiracy is not a theory it is an historical and present day fact, people conspire all the time, from all walks of life, and I will debate this until I’m blue in the face, with any historian or present day authority who argues against this. Those who conspire to keep secrets are being deceptive, and as a Truth Seeker – a person who wishes to reveal these deceptions in order to access the Truth, I believe that recently, although I put my heart into it, I have failed to deliver. Instead, I have allowed myself to almost drown in my own lack of initiative and personal insight into a pool of inactivity, for that I am truly sorry. I owe you more than that.

Nevertheless, with that being said, self diagnosing psychology has never been my strong-point. Neither has self-pity  What I do now realise, however, is that during my period of inactivity which offered me a respite and a chance to gather my wits, proved to me, on a personal level, that burning the candle at both ends can end with disastrous results. Well, I will strive to ensure my future posts embody the informative material we all need to adhere to.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and continuing support for my blog site, I am indebted to all of you. Much respect and appreciation, David Ellis…

Posts will resume tomorrow