Anonymous – Message to Golden Dawn


Published on 7 Oct 2013



We are watching every day the evolution happening in your country.
The first part of this message is for the extremist right-wing party of Greece
Golden Dawn, the one responsible for the death of thirty four years old, 
Pavlov Fyssas. He died on the night of 18th of September, 2013 in Athens
The members responsible for the mercy less death of Pavlos Fyssas is known as Killah P.
It is so sad in the country that created democracy, to such events occur. 

We are opposed to such extreme ideologies, and certainly we do not dream to live 
in such a world. Dear Golden Dawn, as part of our reaction to the death 
of Pavlos Fyssas we can’t stay and watch just like that, we are talking for a human life here. There is nothing you can do to stop as at this point.

You should have expected this will happen! Golden Dawn, 
Your website has passed to our possession. 
All your base belong to Us

This second part of the message is for the people of Greece and Cyprus
Please, stop wasting your time with nonsense, 
wake up and see what’s happening around you. 
Wake up! 

And you will see that your government is doing it’s best to impose it’s self, 
most of the time by force.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

To late to expect us any more, we are already here.
United by One Divided by Zero.
Divided We Fall United We Stand.
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