Comet Ison ALERT- Government Shutdown Preperations & Fema Coffin Purchases

Published on 5 Oct 2013

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4 Comments on “Comet Ison ALERT- Government Shutdown Preperations & Fema Coffin Purchases”

  1. press inside says:

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    Comet Ison ALERT- Government Shutdown Preperations & Fema Coffin Purchases

  2. I can’t see the video at work. But – I’m wondering, are you trying to say that the government is planning on a lot of dead because of a comet that isn’t going to even hit us?

    • davidellis51 says:

      There seems to be a combination of many things occurring in the US right now. The purchasing, by the military, of high quantities of survival foods, bullets, medical supplies, the production of plastic coffins,body bags, along with FEMA exercises – as in FEMA region 111, and future planned exercises, that there seems to be a preparation for something impending. Puerto Rico seems to be preparing for something occurring in that region. What that something is, at this present moment can only be described as speculative. However, there seems to be, and rightly so, much concern over these purchases and military exercises, and also over the silence and secrecy surrounding the purpose behind it all. As far as Comet Ison is concerned our planet will travel through its tail, but I do not think, personally, that all these measures have been taken as a result of Comet Ison…

      • No… not because of the comet. Perhaps the administration has realized they are driving over a cliff and are preparing for continuity of government. Then again, previous administrations were always prepared…

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