Undeniable UFO Documentary Ufo Disclosure

Anubis TJ

David Ellis Comments:

I have learned that by deploying something controversial into any narrative is an extremity into which many oppose. Yet the Truth IS controversial! If we all live under a controlled Deception which proclaims to be the Truth are we not, all of us, victims of that deception – and to a greater extent are we not victims, more-so, for denying that this Deception exists?

Where ET, ET/Craft, forced Abductions, implants, and Human and Animal Mutilations are concerned, we are told that everything it embodies is completely false, that they are lies or hoaxes perpetrated by weak minded people.  We are told this by our Governments, by the mainstream media, which are controlled by our Governments; in fact we are conditioned to believe in a deception that  is in utter contrast to the reality that the Truth embodies. 

No one can deny that there are plenty of hoaxes circulating the media and the internet, but why do we deny belief in those who are telling us the truth, those people who have been wrongly ridiculed for their testimonies? Are we so ready to try to disprove their truthful accounts, borne from our symptom of indoctrination and ideology which has been spoon fed to us for decades, only to muddy the water even more? I for one am not! 

We need to wake up to the fact that they, the non terrestrials, are here and that our Governments know about them; that our Governments are deliberate in their acts of deception concerning the existence of these evolved races, who seem to have their own agenda, involving us, our planet, our planet’s resources, along with the wildlife and vegetation therein.

This deception, and a major one at that, has gone on for far too long! Humanity must demand the Truth it has been denied, it must demand the Disclosure it morally deserves, and it must demand it now!



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