Anonymous – ‘Dismantled By The FBI’

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

Anonymous - 'Dismantled By The FBI' - YouTube - Iron_2013-08-24_20-20-00

Via Hidden Agendas, With Love …

Wow – INCREDIBLE! I was re-reading David Wilcock’s latest post (a MUST-read for anyone & everyone!!), trying to explain more about the whole Anonymous correlation to a friend, and came across this post at David Ellis’ Hidden Agendas. Talk about synchronicity! lol! I absolutely LOVE this, and I’m sure many, MANY of you will as well! Please share this message! Much love! ❤ ~ bryan


Published on 24 Aug 2013

Articles & Evidence – l
So… Apparently Anonymous has been dismantled by the FBI, it can only be assumed they traveled back in time and somehow prevented the creation of the internet, thereby stopping the idea of Anonymous before it was ever conceived. Due to these recent developments, all use of anything related to Anonymous (e.g. the Anonymous name, logos, symbols, voices, etc…) shall cease. Failure to adhere…

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