UFO sighting – Brilliant footage over China, Russia, and USA


Uploaded on 5 Feb 2011

A series of UFO sightings taken over Russia, China, and the USA during 2009 and 2010. 
These sightings appeared around the same time as the spiral sightings that made world news during 2010. At certain points during the videos you can see a change in the vapour trail left by the object. This most likely indicates the craft is breaking the sound barrier. 
These sightings are unique because they appear to be missile tests, but were seen throughout the world and over heavily built-up areas. The Californian sighting made world news with no conclusive answer other than it must be a plane! 
If these are missiles then there is some sort of world-wide joint military testing going on in secret, and for a secretive purpose. 
The USA and China would never agree to a joint military excersise, especially as they are currently engaged in an arms race

Please leave comments and feedback for the videos, and thanks for watching.

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