Alex Jones Talks to Police, Protesters at Bilderberg


Published on 5 Jun 2013

LIVE coverage:

Alex Jones educates police and talks to protesters at Bilderberg 2013

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3 Comments on “Alex Jones Talks to Police, Protesters at Bilderberg”

  1. diamondbolt says:

    Alex Jones is Pathetic.

    On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Hidden Agendas

  2. davidellis51 says:

    Thank you for your remark on Alex Jones, I am sure he will appreciate it, in the meantime would you share some insight into why or how you came to this conclusion. I, and many others who visit this blog site, I am certain, would like to learn the story behind your statement. Maybe this is an “I hate Alex Jones” campaign – if so, then please enlighten us. True, he is not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, but he is fine by me.

    Do you have a twitter account or blog site, or any other type of account, so we might discuss this further? Because unlike every other person who follows Hidden Agendas, you seem not to possess any contact information whatsoever – No email address or anything else, just an empty gravatar!

    I welcome constructive criticism, I also believe that free speech is a moral right to everyone – as is liberty; but bland statements of this kind, this is your second now, lacking any explanation, are of no constructive use on this blog site, unless they are backed up with reason…

    Next time you make a statement like this please elaborate upon the reason why you feel this way, thank you…

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