N. Korea fires three short-range missiles into East Sea


Published on 18 May 2013

North Korea has fired three short-range guided missiles from the country’s east coast today.
The missiles are not the medium-range Musudan missiles Pyongyang has threatened to launch over the past few months,… but the South Korean military says it will stay on high alert. 
Our Defense Ministry correspondent Han Da-eun reports. North Korea has fired three guided missiles from the country’s east coast on Saturday.
The South Korean Defense Ministry has confirmed,… that Pyongyang fired two short-range missiles during the morning hours,… followed by another later in the afternoon.
All three are known to have been launched towards the northeast into the East Sea. 
Military officials in Seoul say that this appears to be a test-firing as part of the North’s military exercises.
These missiles were not the highly-anticipated medium-range Musudan missiles North Korea had threatened to launch,… but the South Korean military is maintaining its high surveillance level that was raised after Pyongyang’s continual verbal threats. Tensions on the peninsula started mounting after the UN imposed the latest round of sanctions on the North, and South Korea and U.S. conducted joint military drills. 

“According to observations, these are believed to be short-range projectiles, not long-range missiles. Our military has raised the surveillance level and is staying on high alert in case of additional missile launches and further provocations.

Military officials also added that intelligence forces of South Korea and the U.S. are jointly collecting more information… by closely monitoring Pyongyang’s missile activities.
Han Da-eun, Arirang News