Alex Jones Show: Sunday (5-12-13) Full Show


Published on 12 May 2013

On this important Sunday, May 12 live transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the global crime syndicate’s activities as growing numbers of people respond to brazen moves to impose a high-tech tyranny on humanity. Alex looks at the far ranging implications of Benghazigate and what it portends for Obama, the politically motivated attempt by the Internal Revue Service to undermine the patriot movement, and the militarized police state reaction to homeschoolers and others deciding not to participate in the establishment’s indoctrination prison system passing as public education.

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2 Comments on “Alex Jones Show: Sunday (5-12-13) Full Show”

  1. diamondbolt says:

    Alex Jones in all likelhood is a disinformation expert for United States Government. He is not to be trusted.

    • davidellis51 says:

      I’ll leave it to others who regularly listen to Alex Jones to answer your claim… All I ask is that you elaborate on your statement. You give no evidentiary explanation as to why you would make such a claim in the first place!

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