The Citizen Hearing’s YouTube Uploads Being Pulled!

It has occurred as I thought it might, but hoped it wouldn’t  I am afraid that Users who have uploaded the 5 day “Citizens Hearing” on YouTube, have been forced to remove their uploads on the proceedings.  Thus, as a consequence, access to the footage of these  proceedings is now minimal and soon, I fear, will be a flat zero. This is wrong, this lack of access to what affects each and everyone of us should not be in place . All I can do is to apologize, on my own behalf, and to say that I did my very best to get the information out there – to you! My apologies once again.  David Ellis…


4 Comments on “The Citizen Hearing’s YouTube Uploads Being Pulled!”

  1. thunderbolt1959 says:

    Thanks for the update David.
    Wondered why the next video was being pulled, as it began happening while I watched third video…..
    Any explanation from YouTube?
    Thank You for ALL your efforts!!!

    • davidellis51 says:

      I have since learned that because the Citizens Hearing was not classed as a public hearing, and because it was privately funded ( yet still funded by donations given by the public, nevertheless!), that there are copyright issues to contend with. I have also learned that some YouTube channels have been lost because they refused to delete it. This is a sorry state of affairs, it really is! If Dr steven Greer truly wishes for the message to get out there, which he has stated on numerous occasions, then he should re-evaluate the system that is currently in place. The citizens Hearing was an immense achievement and needs all the publicity it can find, in order to start the ball rolling for Disclosure… Personally, I am disgusted that something so important as this is not accessible to the public… Thanks for your kind words, David Ellis…

      • thunderbolt1959 says:

        Thanks for explaining.
        It seems hard to believe that they could “fumble” like this.
        Perhaps they’ll correct this quickly….
        Many Thanks for your continuing hard work!!

        Best Regards, Rick

  2. LORDLANGERZ says:

    Infuriating Dave….bloody infuriating!!!!

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