Spinning UFO in Mexico City ejects dozens of spheres 05/22/2009


Uploaded on 3 Oct 2010

(edited by youtube user Erika7233/Nina3352) MEXICO CITY — 2 remarkable videos have been shown on Mexican TV of a UFO releasing intelligent moving spheres into the sky! This video was shot in May 2009 by Pedro Hernandez, who saw the UFO while looking out a bus window. A second video later surfaced from a different vantage point by Alfredo Carrillo. As the UFO rapidly spun, it released countless orbs, which danced around the craft! Mexico City has an abnormally high rate of UFO sightings, but a recording of this kind is still a rare occurrence. The footage of this beautiful and strange aerial dance has been analyzed by Jamie Maussan and his staff and has been described as some of the most amazing and credible footage of a UFO event he has seen to date!
(Music is “Allegro” by Bear McCreary)

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