Chris Holly-UFO Update: Robert Bigelow, Space Privitization, UFO Disclosure

Randy Maugans

Published on 7 Apr 2013

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Chris Holly

Chris Holly responds to the March 31/April 1, 2013 Coast To Coast AM, and the interview by George Knapp with financier, Robert Bigelow. In that show, Bigelow outlines a contract just signed with NASA, where Bigelow Aerospace is the primary contractor with NASA to privatize space missions and explorations. 

In the second part of the interview, Knapp and Bigelow discuss “confirmation” of extraterrestrial life—a slow form of disclosure that attempts to not “disrupt” the general public’s “reality”. We analyze the interview, and ask: “Is Robert Bigelow effectively taking over all things space, and all things paranormal?” Does the public need a soft disclosure? What about the shills, liars, and drama queens of the alternative media? Is there a market for authentic journalism regarding the paranormal?



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