Anonymous #OpWorldBank


Attention, People of the World

We have heard the outcry of the people and it is time for our governments to hear us as well. Any outraged citizen of the world should write their messages of concern on their paper currency. For example; a simple – Stop All Wars makes a big impact on the face of a dollar bill

Our monies are being misused, abused and mistreated by the world bank and the 1%. 

They do not care to listen when we call, when we write, or when we cry. They continue on cutbacks on social services needed for the poor and misfortunate. They use money as a weapon, and it is time to use their own weapons against them.

Simply write a message on the face of your money – a memo so-to-speak. Use it in stores, pay your bills with it, buy your groceries and pass the gesture onto the next. The people are tired of being oppressed and the time has come for a call to arms. This can be the biggest, most unimaginable impact the Anonymous movement has ensued. We need to show our governments that we are fed up with the tyranny and treasons our governments have us enslaved in.

If you are tired of chemtrails, wars, inflation, the federal reserve, government lies, government propaganda, and government corruption as a whole – then we are asking you to state what is in one simple message on paper money around the world.

We are truth seekers, we are freedom fighters; we are the voice of future generations yet to come. This operation can have an enormous impact, as paper currency is distributed around the world. Someone unaware of what we are fighting for, may see the message that gives them hope for one more day. Someone may see the saying “No GMO‘s in our Food”, and not know what the side effects of the chemicals are and therefore research it becoming more aware.

As Anonymous, we are educators, we are patriots and we are many. My fellow Anonymous, the time has come upon us to take action; the people are hungry, sick, poor, tired, oppressed, hindered, and suffering. Let us demand our freedom and our voice heard. The world as we know it no longer exists. But it is not to late to reclaim it. If every person writes on a mere ten dollar bill, the impact will be felt. The message is sent as soon as you put the pen down. The voice of the people can be louder than ever before. 

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive. 
We do not forget. 
Federal Reserve, Expect us.


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