Anonymous – Operation Truth Force April 6 2013 – #OpTruthForce


Published on 31 Mar 2013

Anonymous – #OpTruthForce – April 6 2013

Hello citizens of the World and users of Facebook.

In past years we have seen a growing force around the world. Governments and corporations are working strategically to stop Free Speech by the people.

In more recent months we have witnessed an increased number of account blocking and deletion by Facebook, of users who dare to ridicule, mock, satirize or speak out against political leaders or corporations heavily involved with politics. Trying to appeal to those bodies will have no effect, as they have a set agenda and they do not wish to hear our voices. But we will make our voices heard.

It is time that Anonymous band together globally to prove that we have the strength, because we have the numbers. NO ONE CAN STOP FREE SPEECH. No government, no corporation, and especially not Facebook.

APRIL 6 at 1 AM GMT it begins: #OpTruthForce.

All Anons worldwide hit Facebook with uncensored material. We shall continue this bombardment of material as long as we can – hopefully 24 hours. We will flood their system, their admins wont be able to keep up. THEY CAN’T BAN US ALL AT ONCE!

Why April 6th ? A number of reasons: It was the day Ghandi asked all of India to strike, his Satyagraha “TRUTH FORCE” movement of NON VIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Again, in 1930 on April 6, upon reaching Dandi he made Salt at 6:30 AM (1:00 GMT) in defiance of the tyrannical British laws, another act of civil disobedience. More recently, April 6 was the date, and subsequent name of the movement, in Egypt, when citizens stood up against their government.

So this April 6 2013 at 1:00 GMT, Anonymous once again becomes a force to be reckoned with. Anonymous is going back to its roots. Doing it for the lulz. But this time we have a serious reason behind those lulz.

We are Anonymous. 
We are Legion
We do not forgive. 
We do not forget. 
Facebook, Expect us.


– Music by $lave$tate 
– TXT by Anonymous
– TTS & Vid edit by SïëgëTänk Öpërätör…

Music licensed under a NonCommercial-Fair-Use by cDc and NSF.
Video licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Visit for more infos.

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  1. LORDLANGERZ says:

    This should be interesting Dave!!!

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