Secret Societies/New World Order By MILTON WILLIAM COOPER

Secret Societies/New World Order By MILTON WILLIAM COOPER.


2 Comments on “Secret Societies/New World Order By MILTON WILLIAM COOPER”

  1. I am a Mason and some association Knights Templar. As a Mason for 40 years I can relate that the most sinister thing we ever did was decide if the paneling should be walnut or cherry or if the carpet should be white or cobalt blue. The rest of the time we learned our catechism which teaches temperance and morality in all our affairs and raised money for hospitals especially for disabled children and found ways to entertain and enhance the lives of disabled and disadvantaged kids as well. Pretty diabolical, eh? .

  2. davidellis51 says:

    This post was written by Milton William Cooper quite some years ago, in which he expressed his genuine concern about the influence that secret societies hold in high places – political and otherwise. This is not a personal attack by me to everyone who is a Freemason. Yet, I have learned that there is a darker side to some secret societies that Masons, such as yourself, should be made aware of, that is if you are not already aware! For example such institutions as The Skull and Bone Society, whose initiation is dire and immoral to say the least. During my life I have learned that there is Good and Evil from all walks of life, a Good and Evil which is also embedded in many of our world institutions. I did not wish to see an negative, authoritative, influence grow from the cold corridors of power that might affect each and everyone of us, and yet I believe we are witnessing some of these negative fruits today…

    The good that you and others have done for Hospitals and disabled children should be and deserves to be applauded, and please accept my apologies if I misled you into thinking my views were other than what they are. It was not deliberate. Yet I still hold firm, and with conviction, that there are dark ideologies at work in this world – the foundation of which is based upon infiltration, manipulation and control via anti-christian doctrines…

    Thank you for your comment.

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