The Alex Jones Show 2013-02-22 Friday – Ben Fuchs


Published on 22 Feb 2013

On the Friday, February 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex blasts Michael Moore’s gun coPromisesntrol solution for people who are worried about their safety: “get a dog.” Alex will also cover Law Enforcement Target Inc.’s removal of their offensive “no more hesitation” shooting targets, and the concerted efforts to demonize returning veterans as right-wing extremists. Alex also examines the Pentagon‘s floating military bases possibly opening the door for sinister black programs and operations to be conducted under the impunity of the high seas. We’ll also cover other major headlines and take your calls. Alex also talks with pharmacist Ben Fuchs about the plague of illness ravaging the nation due to lack of proper nutrition and the dangerous side-effects from using prescribed mind altering drugs. Fuchs hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, The Bright Side, on Genesis Communications Network. Alex also covers other major news and take your calls.


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