Dr. Steven Greer & Christopher Crescitelli,February 22nd 2013


Chris Crescitelli is working with Dr. Greer on the making of the Sirius film and especially on maximizing the effectiveness of the roll out. Using his extensive media connections his help has been invaluable . He has great ideas about how people can help make this movie a world wide phenomenon that will open up the UFO and New Energy subject to huge new audiences. An inside look at the making of Sirius and what we can do to get it out to as many people as possible.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Christopher Crescitelli

Christopher Crescitelli has been a career freelance creative artist, writer, producer, and director for almost two decades. In 2004, Christopher founded The Dream Factory Studio, a creative development and production company that specializes in stereoscopic 3-D animation and live action acquisition. His creative collaborations cover the spectrum of artistic expression from film, television, and theatrical projects to newly emerging 3-D entertainment technologies and live event marketing ventures.
In 2008, Christopher founded the 3-D Film & Interactive Festival (3DFF), which is celebrated as the first digital 3-D film festival in the world to feature an entire program comprised of stereoscopic 3-D motion picture and interactive content.

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For more information have a look here:

– The Disclosure Project
– http://www.globalce5.org/
– The Orion Project

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