Anonymous – #Operation Expose


Published on 10 Feb 2013


IRC Network: 6667 or SSL: 6697
Channel: #opExpose
PR release:

To all Concerned and Truth Seekers,

It has come to our attention that our freedoms and rights are now being fully manipulated and taken away by our greedy and corrupted governments. These unconstitutional and unethical methods are being used on our very own people in order to push and pass laws that will eventually lead to us becoming slaves to the corrupted, and continue to feed the greedy hands with money.

Anonymous has come a long way and has gone through many phases. Yet, we are still here and making sure that the people remain safe, free, and most importantly, happy with the daily life we must live in order to provide for our families and loves ones. We can no longer stand the hypocrisy and fallacies that you, the Government, try to feed us every day and yet promise change.

We ask everyone who has been betrayed, punished, stripped of your freedom and rights to stand up as One. Although we may come from different parts of the globe, we will rise as one voice and one voice only. We may be many but this one voice will be louder and will be heard for ages to come.

We must conduct our own research, gather our own intel and expose the very people who are too blind to see the danger of their actions… from false flag operations to domestic injustices and broken promises.

To the governments that portray prosperity and yet steal from us and fail to provide, Expect Us!

Phase I is now initiated. Spread awareness and knowledge to the masses.

Research, Gather, Expose!

Welcome to Operation Expose.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


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