Anonymous – What is INDECT 2013?

AnonNews DE

Published on 23 Jan 2013


What is the INDECT project? INDECT is a great research project which should lead to the development of innovative tools to ensure the protection of European citizens. The Security of citizens is one of the top priorities of the European Union. The INDECT project aims to develop effective solutions against terrorist and criminal threats. Our priority is to enhance surveillance, to automate threat recognition through an intelligent analysis of the behavior of citizens. In this context, the indect project also aims to strengthen monitoring web: data analysis, videos, photos, texts… How the INDECT project can facilitate monitoring? For many years, countries of the European Union have developed the implementation and use of video surveillance, that we call now CCTV protection (closed-circuit television) to avoid controversy. Despite increased visibility of public space, video surveillance is imperfect. The flaw of this system is the human element.
Security guards in front of their screens can not see everything, can not hear everything, do not necessarily take the right decisions. The human being is limited. A human being does not have the ability to identify all the individuals in a crowd, a man can not collect and display all the necessary data, he can not create effective links with data from the Web. The INDECT project offers a perfect system,excluding as much as possible the human presence in the process of analysis and monitoring. The INDECT project offers intelligent monitoring, clean, flawless, by the use of automated programs. With this automated monitoring, the system can see everything, hear everything, analyze everything, with the possibility of correlations between the data from the surveillance, data from the web and police data. The objective is to identify any threat.

How will INDECT be able to identify threats? The INDECT system will use many interconnected modules that can perform multiple functions: -Collect information -Analyze information -Communicate data -Obey queries
To understand this concept based on nodes, imagine you have a giant spider web that filters all information. To collect physical data INDECT will process data taken from : -Surveillance cameras –UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) – GSMGPS Trackers -Microphones And many other sensors.
All behavior will be analyzed and correlated with other data without your consent. INDECT is an intelligent data analysis first: –Face RecognitionLicence plate recognition -Behavior-recognition -Recognition of threat situations -Visualization of relationships and social interactions via the internet.

The system will identify individuals, track, correlate various data such as police data or data from the web environment. Several parameters will allow systems to determine potential threats. For example, the system will analyze whether : -You’re walking in the wrong direction -You are in a group -You’re strolling in the night hours -You’re sitting too long -You are on the road -You run – … You will be totally transparent to the system, whether you accept it or not. But do not worry, all this has been developed to ensure your security.

What could be the future opportunities of such a system? We guarantee INDECT will obey, enforce laws and will respect a code of ethics ensuring the privacy of our citizens. But as laws change and governments change, threats change too. Once the infrastructure of the system is installed, once everything is interconnected and automated, the web will be woven, nothing will be impossible. It will be possible to change the system parameters. We can, for example use the system to: -Identify members of a movement events and dismantle this threat -Tackle the challenges, preventing gatherings, identifying leaders -Monitor political opponents, locate them permanently INDECT system infrastructure may in the future be used to ensure political stability. We can also consider selling this system to companies or to foreign countries to help governments maintain order indect system is the promise of a world which be safer, more stable, more consistent, more transparent, more orderly. INDECT project aims to protect the population against itself





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