Anonymous – International Day of Privacy 02/23/2013

AnonNews DE

Published on 8 Jan 2013

International Action Day on February the 23rd 2013 against Surveillance and Censorship – Operation Big Brother


Citizens of the world, we are Anonymous

Since we invited you to show our fellow citizens that our privacy matters, you made several times #OpBigBrother’s voice surround in many countries and paperstormed efficiently to inform people about the threats of surveillance systems on our fundamental Rights

We know all of you participating, found the good way to make information flow. Thanks to all for your hard work in the preparation of those days of action. You proved that most of the people didn’t know anything about the future surveillance society that is being drawn with projects like INDECT or Trapwire because media stay silent on those matters.

Most of the time, we know that information on all those projects are hidden, or, when they are publicly available, all is done to make the people unable to understand without deep investigation on documents related. All that shows only a will to prevent people from understanding the true consequences of such things on their lives. 

We, as Anonymous hacktivists, engaged #OpBigBrother because we want every citizen on the planet to know that the surveillance state is unecessary to our security as citizens. 
We would also like to make the people understand, that systematisation of technological surveillance and control on everything is dangerous for the safety of Human Rights.
We continue to believe that technology has to serve humanity and we do hope many of you worldwide will agree. 

Privacy that #OpBigBrother defends, mainstream media, the developement of technology and entertainment made we forgot it since the last decay, maybe earlier. 

That Right, if it falls, makes all other Rights of a structure called Freedom to crumble. 
We invite every organization working for privacy and every citizen to continue to inform people on the threats that hang over privacy.

Governments pretend to design those systems for security reasons, but every people able to access and understand information on those matters should stand up against a society of global control on the citizens that is being drawn.

They plan to use technology to know everything about citizens including : who is who, who do what and with whom, as well in real life and the Internet.

Some government and private companies prepared to control people with the a new Internet regulation treaty. USA and Europe rejected the text but will it be the same on the next meeting ? Be ready to defend your privacy again in 2013 with #opWCIT. Be carefull on how governments and private companies will try to share them the control of the Internet.

It’s time to act, it’s time to show the governments of the World, who we are, it’s time to show humanity stands as united, it is time to show what freedom means to us. 

We call on you to prepare for the next Day of Action against surveillance planned. 

Act now and spread the word in your mother tongue, enter your Countries and Cities, in the pad linked on the description of this video once you can organise things.
It’s our Freedom and our privacy. 

Resist and build together, because we are the sons of the Resistance

Let us unite the whole humanity as one. 
Let it be the largest protests of the world history.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion. 
We do not forgive. 
We do not forget. 
Expect us

More information on #OpBigBrother / #indect / #OpTrapwire

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